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Stacia Davidson’s raw challenge evolves into wellness club

Published:Friday | June 11, 2021 | 12:10 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Forty-year-old Stacia Davidson poses with a jelly coconut. Coconut water is on the list of ‘yes foods’ on the Raw Challenge.
Forty-year-old Stacia Davidson poses with a jelly coconut. Coconut water is on the list of ‘yes foods’ on the Raw Challenge.
Stacia Davidson enjoys a ripe mango, fresh from the tree.
Stacia Davidson enjoys a ripe mango, fresh from the tree.
A calabash full of fruits!
A calabash full of fruits!

Fashion designer, content creator, and brand strategist Stacia Davidson is today known on the health circuit as the ‘Raw Boss’. Having started her wellness and fitness journey back in 2019 as a birthday gift to herself, the 40-year-old began her journey to holistic living by putting herself on a diet of raw foods only. At the time, she challenged persons on her social media platforms to go on the journey with her and was surprised by the interest. Today, what started as a ‘one-off’ challenge has grown into a whole programme, one that Davidson says has given her new-found purpose.

In an interview with The Gleaner, Davidson, who is on her second consecutive month of the ‘raw challenge’, said the initiative keeps growing. She credits the expansion to the results each member sees during the challenge. “After doing the 40 days raw last August and hearing the results from the persons who participated, I realised people wanted this. About 50 persons joined, not all completed, but even when they didn’t finish, they still had results,” she said.


Davidson said the lifestyle change has impacted a number of the participants. “I met this young lady on Instagram who was having infertility issues. She suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and when she went raw, she was able to have a child. I have many more stories of persons who have gone raw, and it has totally changed their lives. Their stories have left me feeling so fulfilled. I feel like I have found a new sense of purpose,” she said.

Now, what started as a year-long challenge has evolved into much more. Davidson said:“Right now, we are on another challenge, and I have so many persons giving testimonials, it’s truly inspiring. Trust me, I am surprised at the impact and how many persons have an interest in this. I was thinking I could just do this once a year, but based on the demand, I am checking out a whole new business model.”

Speaking of business model, Davidson says what started out as an open challenge has metamorphosed into an exclusive wellness club. “People who started the challenge in May are back on in June, and they are telling their friends, who are also spreading the word, and so the programme continues to grow. It’s now a registered programme with 58 members. We had 34 last month,” she revealed. “It is like a wellness club. You have an accountability partner. We also have fitness trainers on board because we want to take a holistic approach to wellness, so while we are eating raw food, we want people to understand the pillars of wellness, so we want the physical aspect of it, and so we have group fitness sessions. We have weekly check-ins via ZOOM, and we have food demos, where people share raw recipes, etc. We send out guides with tips to stay on track.”

Pointing out that she has always wanted to make an impact, Davidson says she is happy her new passion has positively influenced countless individuals. She said that the testimonials over the past few weeks have transformed her into a ball of emotions. “The raw challenge is making an impact, and to me, that’s what matters most. When people call me, crying, and saying dem glad dem find dis, it really touch my heart because I’ve always wanted to make an impact,” she continued. “This is helping women to heal and do well, and it’s a very good call to lean into, and I am looking forward to riding the tide.”

To follow Stacia Davidson’s Raw Challenge mission, you may follow the IG page @rawfoodchallengeja.