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Q&A with Chiney K Pop Girl

Published:Wednesday | June 30, 2021 | 12:12 AMShantay East/Gleaner Writer
Kerry-Ann ‘Chiney K Pop Girl’ Collins.
Kerry-Ann ‘Chiney K Pop Girl’ Collins.

Influencer Chiney K Pop Girl is known for her comedic skits and entertaining vlogs, including the web-based series, On My Mind. Born Kerry-Ann Collins, the 28-year-old entrepreneur divides her time between content creation and building her Joli Faire Hair natural organic line. She’s even moving into beauty, with Joli Faire Beauty “dropping really soon”.

Born in Kingston, Collins went to Wolmer’s Girls’ School until age 15, when she migrated to New Jersey. There, she continued her secondary and tertiary education and graduated from William Patterson University and California State University, Northridge, where she attained a degree in media studies. Her passion and desire was to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, but she found the application process for jobs frustrating and thus created a space where she could display all her interests. On My Mind was one of her first series and started as a fun way for her to capture public views and conduct interviews with celebrities and more. “I shoot it, edit, and direct,” she told The Gleaner. And while the pandemic may have slowed down production, the ambitious 28-year-old has seized the opportunity to invest her time in content creation on Instagram and TikTok, where she has more than 250,000 followers combined.

Who has inspired you to pursue social media as a career?

There was really nobody I looked at and said I want to do social media because of this person. I just know my personality. I know what I can offer.

Which content creators do you enjoy?

I recently started following Natasha Leeds. I saw her on my timeline, and [thought] she looks like me. [So,] I checked her profile, and I really enjoy her content. She puts out nice, aesthetically pleasing content. I also like Kristia Franklin’s content on Instagram. You know naturally, I would like my friends’ content Tanaania and Dan Dan.

How long does it take to edit?

On average, it could take me two hours … or maybe more … after I put everything together in a timeline that makes sense, I have to do a narrative voice-over to explain what is going on in the video.

What legacy would you want to leave, or what is something you want everyone to remember you by?

Young Jamaican girl who believed in herself and made a success out of a business that she started. I want my legacy to be one that inspires a lot of young people who should go after their dreams. I want to inspire them and let them know that you don’t have to take a traditional route for a lot of things. Anything you have in mind and you may doubt it, I hope my legacy will inspire them to at least give it a try.

What is one meal you would want to eat for the rest of your life?

Boiling dumplings, no cornmeal, and anything. It could be boil dumpling and gravy. It could be boil dumpling and ackee.

What is something that is often misunderstood about you?

It is misunderstood that I am mean or unapproachable ... but I am really approachable.

What are you currently working on?

My Joli Faire organic growth hair nourishing oil. I will be building my brand so persons can look forward to more this brand. Joli Faire Beauty will be dropping really soon, which will consist of skincare products along with shampoo and conditioner for the Joli Faire Hair side. My products are distributed islandwide in local beauty supply stores and pharmacies. Some include Fontana pharmacies, Monarch pharmacies, Lily’s Beauty Barn and Discount Beauty Supplies.