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Inspired Women Share their Vision

Published:Wednesday | February 10, 2016 | 2:01 PMMark Titus
Seventeen-year-old,Westwood High Schoolstudent Petagaye Montgomery shows off her vision board.
Dr Susaye Rattigan (second left) shares lens time with Karen Ffrench (left), Rosanna Williams, and her daughter, Kirstin (right).
Popular Montego Bay personality Kathi Cooke.
Dr Susaye Rattigan (left) and Jessica Anderson of Global Outsourcing Solutions Limited.

Popular clinical child and family psychologist Dr Susaye Rattigan recently staged her second Inspired Women's Goal Setting and Vision Board party at the Montego Bay Yacht Club in St James, and those in attendance were treated to a stress-free evening of fun and laughter.

"The idea for a vision board party came from my experiences in my private practice with a number of my clients and females in general, who have admitted feeling lost on their journey, or feel like they are just running, but they are not living intentionally," Dr Rattigan told The Gleaner.

"Such individuals don't have time for the things they want to have time for, neither do they feel good about themselves, but compensate by doing everything for everyone else, but they themselves feel unhappy, stuck or lost."

The use of vision or dream boards is globally accepted and has grown in popularity with the release of the 2006 best seller, The Secret, and is used to depict goals and dreams in all areas of one's life or in one specific area.


Seventeen-year-old Westwood High School student, Petagaye Montgomery, had high praise for the event. "As the youngest participant, it was eye-opening to learn about identifying my core desires and setting goals to maximise my true potential," she said, "listening to the older and more experienced participants made me realise that this would be a good forum for other teenagers to lay a foundation for the future."

According to bestselling author and motivational speaker, Jack Canfield, creating a vision board is one of the most effective visualisation tools that exist, because an individual always responds to visual stimulation.