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Healing with ENERGY! Local team trying to woo Jamaicans from traditional medicine

Published:Friday | April 22, 2016 | 8:35 AMAndrew Harris
Members of the Jamaica Centre for Advanced Medicine team, (from left) Dr Arlene E. Rose, Dr Wordsworth Wilson, Stacey Aiken, and Dr Sylvia Richardson.

With a seeming increase in the number of Jamaican men turning to Viagra and other drugs to deal with erectile dysfunction, Dr Arlene Rose, head of the Jamaica Centre for Advanced Medicine (JAM), is urging greater use of medical technology to treat this condition.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to have an erection hard enough to have sexual intercourse. Rose is confident that medical technology, using energy, is better than medication to address this problem.

"Because (drugs) can affect the heart, hearing, and vision, (but) this just works on the source of the problem," said Rose.

She told The Sunday Gleaner that her team was working with a patient who had diabetes and they treated him for issues regarding the circulation of blood in his leg.

Rose said after treating the legs, the patient's wife asked the team if they could help with any other circulation problems, and they treated the man and he went off excited and improved.

"After we treated that patient, I wondered to myself how many men out there would need help," said Rose.

"Though the body is being affected by the energy around us, we have learnt how to use energy to heal these diseases and the machines were used to focus on improving the nervous system by making it balance and reducing circulation problems," said Rose, who has been a medical doctor for the past 20 years and has been using energy-based technology for 15 years.

According to Rose, JAM has tapped into the realms of cutting-edge technology to help treat chronic medical illnesses with the use of energy that results in little or no side effect.

Rose told our news team that some time ago, she was diagnosed with a major illness and was told that if she did not take the medication, she would have died. But because of her medical knowledge, she knew there would be a number of side effects to the drugs and she was not willing to cope with that.

"I told them I would see them in three months, and they wondered if I would have taken some vitamins or so, but I went and learned and communicated with overseas doctors and I found out a lot of stuff, and my condition is no more," said Rose.


The medical doctor said this spiked her interest in the use of energy to cure chronic illnesses.

Rose said she learnt that the western medicine tends to be in the form of mostly drugs, but when there is a situation where a person has to live on a medication for the rest of their life, drugs may not be the most effective solutions.

She argued that in countries all over Europe, people are actually curing these conditions and are providing better quality of life for patients who suffer from different chronic diseases.

"The body is mainly energy. We are made up of atoms and every atom has a frequency of energy, so all the organs have energy patterns or frequency that they operate at.

"So if there is any problem with the organs, then that means it is not well and with the use of these medical technologies, using energy in the various forms - light, sound frequency, electromagnetic, etc. - the machines are able to read the pattern and tell if the organ is abnormal or not and correct that abnormal pattern and fix the problem," said Rose.