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New Forrest goes solar

Published:Wednesday | June 1, 2016 | 10:53 AMShanique Samuels
Solar panels sit atop the roof of New Forest Primary, High and Infant School.

NEW FOREST, Manchester:

The New Forest Infant, Primary and High School in South Manchester has embarked on a journey towards sustainability in the growth and development of its campus. The school has recently completed the first phase of its solar project to generate renewable energy for school use.

Chester Stewart of Green Sun Energy Plus and his team installed the system, which is now functioning at full capacity and is reducing the school's dependence on the national grid. He says part of the alternative-energy push is to retrofit the outdated units by replacing the tubing bulbs with more energy-efficient and longer-lasting bulbs that do not generate much heat. These, he added, will save the school approximately 60 per cent on energy consumption.

"We don't import sunlight. We have a lot of it here to use at our advantage, so it is very important that an institution such as this, that uses a considerable amount of energy, move towards implementing a sustainable energy project like this one," Stewart noted.

He said more and more people are adapting to the idea of using sustainable energy, which is a commendable effort.

Chairman of the school board, Trisha Williams-Singh, said she is delighted that the school has decided to take a proactive approach.

"We are proud to have renewable energy at the school because we recognise it's best for the institution. One of the drives that we on the board share is to have attendance up to 100 per cent, and so if we can be efficient in one area and redirect the funds to another, such as the school feeding programme, then so be it. We are working towards being able to feed the students five days per week to ensure they come out to school, then we will have a better chance at educating them," Williams-Singh said.