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Kevoy Blackwood – Riding on the salvation highway

Published:Wednesday | September 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels

Kevoy Blackwood grew up singing in church, and at six years old, he was able to recognise the voice of God calling him to get saved and be baptised. It has been 16 years since he answered that call and he's still riding on the salvation highway on his Heaven-bound journey.

"Being a Christian from that tender age until now - I'm 22 - has not been easy. I've faced a lot of spiritual battles as well as being tempted to do a lot of things we as youths would be tempted to do. There were times I wanted to turn away from God; I wanted to give up on life, but faith along with fasting and prayer kept me," he said.

Kevoy told Family and Religion that after enduring persecutions and accusations, he was depressed to the point where he was about to take his life.

"I remember a time when depression came upon me like a burden and I decided to kill myself. I placed the knife on my heart and as I whispered the words 'God forgive me' and was about to push the knife into my heart, I heard the voice of the Lord said, 'Stop my child, I am with thee' and suddenly my phone rang and interrupted my suicidal thoughts. That's when I realised what I was doing. I suddenly started to pray and cried out to the Lord for my soul would have been lost."




He now worships at the Holiness Born Again Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic Restoration Centre in Montego Bay. This young, energetic 'radical Christian' believes the Lord spared his life because there is a purpose in him that must be fulfilled and while he now ministers to persons in song under the anointing, he will happily lend himself to follow wherever God leads him while he strives to attain higher heights in Christ.

"The best thing about being on this journey with Christ is that I have salvation and friends I can count on to help me to build my spirituality. I love reaching out to souls at work, on the road, at church and everyone I come in contact with generally. I've encouraged a lot of young people - both sinners and Christians, explaining to them that there are two choices - Hell or Heaven - so we all must choose wisely. Hell has nothing to offer but pain, long-suffering, and no peace, but in Heaven there will be unmatched happiness and joy," Kevoy explained.

To other persons who may have had or is experiencing a similar situation, Kevoy is living proof that God is an on time God and he still saves and delivers.

"To everybody out there especially the unsaved, hell is real and so is heaven. Life may seem nice and you are young enjoying yourself now, but there is no better life than living a life for God. I am young too and I know how sweet sin is, but in the end it will not be because all sin will be destroyed.

"Remember God is able. When the devil sees the purpose in you, he tries to mess up what God has in store for you. To you who might want to kill yourself like I wanted to, I'm here to tell you that God is saying 'Stop my child I am with you' so hold on a little longer and don't allow the devil to win, because God will give you have the victory."