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Love and understanding core qualities in a marriage

Published:Thursday | October 6, 2016 | 9:07 AMShanique Samuels

Andre and Patrica Dixon have been married for 10 years. Dixon said choosing her as his life partner was a no brainer because he spotted the qualities he was looking for in a wife very early.

"I knew she was the one for more than one reason. I remember when I was leaving for training school at the Police Academy and I had borrowed some money. While there I was getting a stipend so I put her on my account so she could get money to take care of herself and our son. When I finished training and went home, she gave me back the money I borrowed which she saved from the stipend I was getting," he explained, adding that, "I also saw spirituality, commitment, sincerely, integrity and common sense in her."

Andre says the love they have for each other and the level of understanding they share is a major factor that keeps their marriage thriving. He admits that like any other couple, they too have conflicts, but that doesn't change the things they do for each other.

"She still does her wifely duties and I do mine. We have to ensure we maintain a stable and loving home for our children because we have to teach them how to love and in the home is where that all begins," he told Family and Religion.


A lot of couples sometimes get distracted with making ends meet, but the Dixons manage to keep the balance and ensure they spend 'quality time' with each other.

"Quality time is not the length of time you spend with each other but what you do with the time that you do spend together," he said.

"What I love most about my wife is that she always finds a way to fix what went wrong; she reminds me constantly that in a marriage when things are broken, we fix them instead of throwing them away."

"The Bible says in St Matthew 5:32 that the only way a man can put away his wife is for the cause of fornication, which means whatever else happens can be fixed. Remember the way you felt about each other when you first met, relationships need nurturing and if you care for it, it will flourish for you," he explained.

"As husband and wife if you pray together then you will stay together and you must always pray for each other."

He says a critical part of preserving marriages is for each partner to accept when they are wrong, apologise and make up for the wrongs, instead of giving up on their marriage and opting to go their separate ways.

"The Bible says husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church. Husbands, if you love your wives then show her and make her feel special. Wives also submit yourselves to your own husband. Both of you should trust God and believe that what God has joined together no man can break it apart," he concluded.