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Rose-Ann Pryce weighs in on the importance of communication in marriage

Published:Thursday | October 13, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels

In Galatians 5, Paul taught that one of the fruits of the flesh is 'discord'. He said we are prone to offend and upset others, to hate, to withhold forgiveness and to be divided. This is something every couple needs to be aware of, whether married or not. The intent of the enemy is to sow discord among us because he likes nothing that is good in the sight of God; and to the Lord, marriage is beautiful.

Christopher and Rose-Ann Pryce have known each other for over 11 years, but their journey as a married couple started in June of last year. The pair met at the Percy Junor Hospital in Spalding, Manchester, and although they didn't start a relationship immediately, they maintained a friendship that took its time and blossomed into a match made in heaven. "We shared our dreams and aspirations and motivated and encouraged each other as we worked towards achieving our goals. Some years later, he and I became a couple and we developed such a strong bond that we decided to get married," Rose-Ann said.

"At the onset, I experienced moments of trepidation, because while I loved my partner, I also recognised that we were about to make a very big step in our lives. I prayed and I fasted because I needed to be certain that I was making the right choice," she told Family and Religion.




Rose-Ann says she strongly believes that love is very important in relationships, so too is mutual respect and friendship. These she lists as some of the elements that keep their marriage healthy.

"Conflicts do arise occasionally, but as a past student of several language courses, I have learnt that communication breaks down barriers, so I encourage my husband to always express how he feels about anything that is affecting him. I also express my feelings to him and we allow each other to express our thoughts without interjecting. Depending on the issue, if the timing is not right, we always ensure that we discuss it later on when we are in a better emotional place. Most importantly, we never go to bed with any unresolved conflict," she explained to Family and Religion.

Couples are likely to get distracted easily with all that is happening in each individual's life, but Rose-Ann says whenever they get a chance to spend time together, they make it count.

"We watch movies together and spend hours talking about everything and nothing. We play with each other and text each other when we are at work. We also keep our devotions and go out together, and there are other small things that we do together and they all make a difference in keeping our relationship active," she said.

She added that "I love my partner's ability to listen to a situation, assess it from different angles and then give a workable solution. He often gives me very good advice.

"Conflicts in marriage do not have to be detrimental to the relationship. Like all other trials it is meant to test our faith, develop character and draw us closer to God. If it reaches the point where you feel like throwing in the towel, seek counselling. There is nothing that the Lord cannot fix. Your marriage is a very valuable investment. Don't throw it away," she concluded.