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Jason Lindsay : A young man with a big heart

Published:Tuesday | February 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Jason Lindsay gives back to a member of the community.

MORANT BAY, St Thomas:

It's one thing to figure out what you were put on this earth to do but another thing to fulfil the duty.

But by establishing a charity organisation that will assist many students, Jason Lindsay believes he is walking in his purpose.

The Lindsa Foundation, which was started in October 2016, is a registered non-governmental organisation with a mission to empower and uplift youths through education.

The 23-year-old, who is from Portland but has spent much of his life in St Thomas, told Rural Xpress that the foundation is committed to providing more inclusive educational experiences for students by aiding in the procurement of school supplies and giving financial assistance.

According to him: "I think this is the role God set out for me to play as a young man. I'm only interested in helping others, that's my passion. It is a fulfilling experience to help others as, in doing so, we also help ourselves. I am committed to this foundation and through hard work and dedication, I can create a cycle of gifting so that future generations may also give back to their communities to foster the development of upcoming youth," he told Rural Xpress.

Lindsay, a graduate of the University of West Indies explained that this initiative was inspired by his upbringing.

"As a young man growing up, things were a bit hard for me in terms of financial assistance. I made it to university with the help of God and also my mentor, Andre Pryce. I was given the start I dreamt of, a university education.

"I believe our children are the future and though they have no control over their social standing, education can be used as a vehicle to transcend social hierarchy, thus enabling them to lead better lives than us," he said.

With a mantra to foster the development of motivated but underprivileged students, the Lindsa Foundation is now offering a sum of $1 million in secondary - and tertiary-level bursaries and grants to residents of Portland, St Thomas, Kingston and St Andrew.

"Twenty-five secondary students will get $20,000 each, while 10 university or college students will get $50,000 each. Candidates must be of good character, display leadership qualities and consistent involvement in social or community activities. We are targeting mostly those students who are experiencing financial difficulties. They will need to contact lindsafoundation@gmail.com, or call 430-7211 or 501-3325 to get an application form," Lindsay said.

The charity organisation is funded through benefit events and also through various contributions.

The young man revealed that he and his colleagues also run an overseas work programme agency and a loan company, of which 20 per cent of the profit is donated to the foundation.

"I also hope to raise more money for the September school term so that more students can benefit. We are also inviting people to join us to support the cause. Because of my undying passion for youth, I ask for people's commitment in providing moral and financial support to our children," he said as he encouraged others to donate.