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Monique Mitchell - How God changed my life

Published:Thursday | May 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Monique Mitchell
Monique Mitchell

Although Monique Mitchell grew up believing that Christianity was just slavery in a new form, there is nothing that can separate her from the love of God and His presence today.

The 25-year-old told Family and Religion about how she turned from a life of constant partying to one of pure undiluted worship.

"It (going out) started to become just a getaway from my reality of feeling like a failure. Then one night I just couldn't sleep, everything came down at once. Mommy wanted me to go back to school, to find something constructive and all that. I went from tears to reading the Bible. I felt something supernatural that night and called a pastor to get baptised; it was never an altar call for me," she shared.


Things have worked out


Mitchell revealed that since giving her life to Christ, things have been working in her favour.

She said she went from having no job to being employed, and from being broke to owning multiple bank accounts.

According to her: "I take care of myself now. At least, it is God who takes care of me. I'm never left behind.

"I use my faith in every situation and I give God time. For example, I'll say: 'Lord I need to get good results from the place I applied to for employment by 1 p.m. today, and by 12:30 p.m. I'll receive the call. I do nothing without glorifying Him because it was He who did it and it is still He who is working things out for me."

The now woman of God encourages others to take the walk of change: "Becoming a Christian is not a perfection of who you are but it is becoming a better you because you are in the arms of a perfect God. Don't be enslaved by the thought that church people are supposed to be perfect so you can't become one of them, or you don't want to join them and do wrongs like them. Christians are human beings who make mistakes too but learn more and more how to make less mistakes and to be more. To share more, to love and care more and be an open vessel for good works.

"It is worth trying and I encourage you to give it a try for it is the only thing that gets you high but doesn't hurt."