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Marymount High delivers Christmas surprise to senior citizens

Published:Wednesday | December 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMOrantes Moore
Iasia Rodriques of the Happy Helpers Committee at Marymount High School in Highgate, St Mary, delivers a food parcel to 86-year-old Pearlene Allen.
Tameika Wynter of the Happy Helpers Committee at Marymount High School in Highgate, St Mary, delivers a food parcel to 86-year-ol Dervin Livingstone.

In an effort to spread good tidings and joy during the Christmas season, earlier this week, students from Marymount High in Highgate, St Mary, delivered food packages to poor and vulnerable senior citizens living in communities close to their school.

The charitable initiative is part of an annual project, led by the school's Happy Helpers Committee, which aims to teach young people the value of volunteerism.

Iasia Rodriques, a grade-13 student at Marymount High, told Rural Xpress: "The Happy Helpers Committee is about volunteerism and I think what we're doing today is good because it allows us to give back to the people and our community.

"Also, initiatives like this will make our school be known as a place that's filled with persons who are willing to help and bless others, which is something we believe in; unlike some young people who are not willing to give back unless they are given something in return."

On Tuesday, members of the committee spent the entire morning distributing food packages to indigent residents in nearby districts such as Cromwell Land, Richmond, Barracks River, Siding, and Fraserwood.

One lucky recipient, 86-year-old Dervin Livingstone, who has lived all his life in the community of Coffee Piece, said: "I'm feeling very happy and thankful for this gift. This will help me in many ways because I didn't have anything. Now, with the help of God, I hope to spend the Christmas as comfortable and easy as I can,"

Pearlene Allen, 86, who lives in the same community, said: "I'm suffering with a pain in my spine that hurts when I bend, and I can't get rid of it. But it feels good to know that somebody remembers me. The birth of Christ is near, so we have to show appreciation and love."

Another beneficiary, Marva Royce, from the community of Jubilee, said: "I'm so grateful for these gifts this morning mackerel, corned beef, oats, and biscuits. I'm sick and I've been looking after my adopted father whose brain is going, so I've been stressed; but now this has made me very happy."

Kenneth Wilshire, 85, added: "This is very nice and I'm grateful because they didn't have to come. In terms of the festive season, we only hope for the best because there are a lot of people who died and didn't make it to see Christmas.