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Dozens secure a ‘ticket’ for the train Homeward Bound

Published:Thursday | March 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Pastor Devon Champier conducting a baptism.
A section of the Congregation at the Homeward Bound Evangelistic Crusade.
Evangelist Pastor Damian Chambers

Ellen Street, Manchester:

I say to you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner than repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance Luke 15:7

As the Homeward Bound Evangelistic series in Ellen Street with host pastors Devon Champier, Latoya Smythe- Forbes and Evangelist Pastor Damian Chambers, came to a close, heaven rejoiced for the new followers of Christ, those who restored their love in the Creator and came to find a new family for support.

Approximately 40 individuals got baptised, over 130 individuals received medical attention by the doctor through the health services provision of the crusade and two couples will say I do tomorrow. (Sunday March 11).

Among those who were only too excited to talk about the impact the crusade on their lives were two new converts.

Shanice Whyte attended the Seventh Day Adventist Church as a child, but when she relocated five years ago, she began attending a church of a different faith.

"When the meetings started here I spoke to one of the Bible workers and decided to get baptised. I feel so happy. To be honest, some things that I used to worry about, I don't find them stressing anymore" she said glowingly.

Through Shanice's walk with the Lord, her father was also led to being baptised.

"My father said he wanted to be baptised because he doesn't want me to go heaven and leave him, and I am so happy. I am happy too that I was the first one that made up my mind and that my father followed. I am hoping that some time in the near future my older siblings and the rest of my family will make the step because I wouldn't want to know that I make it to heaven and my family is lost."




Shanice encouraged those who are yet to give their lives to God to give God a chance and soon after they will realise that living is more rewarding when one lives for Jesus

"The new life is just as happy and even happier than the old life, because where as you were doing bad to be happy, when you are doing good and it still makes you happy then it is a life worth living."

Another new convert, Richard Russell, had no prior conviction, but just attended church because his father did.

"Since coming to the crusade, things have changed drastically. When I was in the world, things did seem all right, because you know how the devil make it seem like the world is OK. Since coming to this crusade though, the devil has started throwing a lot of things at me for me to come back out to him. I have gone through more things in one week than I have gone through in

10 years."

He continued, "I have been tested about my past, about the church but I was the one who decided to give my life to God, not the pastor, not the church. I was at a funeral some time ago and the pastor was speaking about no repentance in the grave and here comes the crusade, 'Homeward Bound', and if I have the chance now to give my life to him, why not?"

Russell said as a new member of the community he came to the area with no knowledge that a crusade would be happening, but believes that it was a piece of the puzzle of his life that fell into place.

"I have learnt so much in the few weeks that I have been here than I have known for my entire life, and I just want people to know that on judgement day there will be no more chances. The church is the best place, not for help but for salvation. When you go to the dance, the enjoyment is just for a time, but since being here I have this hunger for knowledge and even though people try to detract me, I'm pressing on and the brethren and pastor are here to support me. I have found a family."

Knowing all too well that baptism alone does not give one a free pass into the Kingdom, the new converts are looking forward to a life of total submission to God and His will for their lives.