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Mickella Rowe continues to make moves

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Mickella Rowe and one of her security guards.
Mickella Rowe (right), along with her husband and two sisters.

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

She dresses to impress and automatically commands the attention of a room when she so desires. She can be a gem, but when it comes to the regimen of her profession, she does not play.

Meet Mickella Brown-Rowe, mother of two, wife, law enforcer, and business owner, who has been handling it all for the greater part of 12 years.

"I have been a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force for the last 12 years. I always loved law enforcement as my dream as a child was to become lawyer. I used to envision myself wearing black suits and high-heel shoes daily," Brown-Rowe said.

After the birth of her son in 2007, Brown-Rowe had a yearning to achieve more in all areas of her life and to help to fulfil the financial obligations of her family.

" ... An opportunity arose for me to be employed to an insurance brokerage house as a life underwriter and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I travelled all around the island during the days after completing night shifts just to meet the targets that were set out by the company. This really helped to ensure that we could fulfil our basic needs," Brown-Rowe told Family and Religion.

She added: "My goal was always to achieve the best at a high standard to make my family proud. I was doing all of this whilst performing at a high standard in the JCF. I was promoted to the rank of corporal in 2013 after my daughter was born. I remember being pregnant whilst sitting the exam, and all I could think about was ensuring that I scored among the top to guarantee me a chance for the promotion. I was successful in attaining the second-highest mark in the Manchester division, which was a point five per cent difference from the person with the highest mark."

The insurance business by then had become too difficult to maintain with Brown-Rowe's permanent job, family, and school as she had enrolled at the University of the West Indies Open Campus in the degree programme for paralegal studies, so she had to leave it.




Naturally, though, Rowe later embarked on yet another journey for professional advancement: MICKWADE (formed from her Christian name and that of her husband) Security Services.

"Life as a business owner is extremely difficult because no matter how many persons you have out there doing the job for you, you still have to be hands on and be fully aware of the day-to-day activities. I have learnt that people will give you what you tolerate. Hence you cannot tolerate mediocrity. It is very satisfying when I sit back and hear the commendations and see the fruits of our hard work. There are many sleepless nights. Many times, self has to be put on hold to ensure the business progresses," Brown-Rowe said.

She said that the company provides a wide range of services, which include armed guards and unarmed guards, private investigation (trained investigators), escort services, 24-hour armed vehicle patrol, foot patrol, digital video and audio monitoring, 24-hour response to calls, events security, GPS tracking, and canine services.