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Author releases new novel, ‘Strength of a Woman’

Published:Sunday | October 13, 2019 | 5:36 AMShanna Kaye Monteith - Gleaner Writer
Monique Mitchell’s Strenght of a Woman
Monique Mitchell’s Strenght of a Woman

What began as an escape route in the life of a teenager who was going through a lot at the time soon grew into a passion and later caused the birthing a second novel from now author, Monique Mitchell.

The book, which is a compilation of three fictitious stories, is entitled Strength of a Woman, and showcases the female in different scenarios where she had to overcome particular obstacles.

Giving a rundown of the plots mentioned in the book, Mitchell said, “They are shown in three different roles: marriage, career and the last is dealing with unsolved issues.

“The first story is about a newly married couple. As her husband became distant and started acting weird, it left the wife to wonder if she had made the right decision. It focuses on how a woman feels when a man goes silent, trying to protect his ego.

“Her husband had a few issues at work, but just felt like he would be less of a man if he told his wife. But, even under the pressure, she managed to keep her marriage together.

“The second story is about a female detective who is being jeered at work by her peers who make it seem as if she is an incompetent cop who cannot solve crimes. Being in a male dominated field, she had to work extra hard to prove her worth. The third story centres around a female who left home to find a better future elsewhere. She was invited back home to a wedding to stand as her friend’s maid of honour, but soon realised that her friend was getting married to her ex.”

The aim of the novel, according to the author, is to reassure women that they are stronger than they think, and at times, their present tribulations or challenges are the ultimate key in unlocking a new dimension of strength that they have inside.

“One message that readers will get from the analects Strength of a Woman is that no matter how doubtful we maybe at times, or how frustrating life may get, we are strong enough to get where we want to get as women and get out of where we shouldn’t be in the first place,” she said.

Released in September

The 27-year-old told Family & Religion that the book was released on September 1 and is available on Amazon.

Of her first exploit, a novel called The Skeletons of Samantha’s Closet, Mitchell said it was an instant hit with her readers.

And though she admitted that some shared that the book may be too ‘raunchy for Christians’, she encouraged Christians not to view sex as taboo.

Others, according to Mitchell, have shared that the book was so good that they felt as if they were watching a movie while reading.

With that in mind, coupled with much encouragement from those around her and faith in her work, the native of Airy Castle in St. Thomas, said she has been taking hard stops to connect with international producers and directors to make the dream a reality.

“The first book has been pitched to a few production companies in the film industry. I have gotten a response and I’m now waiting on the follow-ups.

“In truth, my biggest dream is to see Tyler Perry produce this as a television series. My readers said it was that good, and I do believe it would be great too.

“And even though the odds are against me, I’ll not give up,” she said.

Perry recently commemorated the opening of his US$250 million film studio in Atlanta, making history as one of the biggest of its kind that is fully owned and financed by a black man.

Mitchell revealed that her goal for this year is to sell a large number of her latest book, the funds from which will aid in her hopeful screenwriting education as she pursues a career in film and writing for TV.