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Guard your pockets for Christmas – mayor

Published:Wednesday | December 4, 2019 | 12:32 AMChristopher Thomas/Gleaner Writer
Homer Davis, mayor of Montego Bay.
Homer Davis, mayor of Montego Bay.


Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis is urging shoppers to be mindful of personal safety during the Christmas season, even as he is promising that additional security measures will be put in place in the western city.

The St James Municipal Corporation will be providing additional lighting at the main centre, at the William Street taxi stand, and along St James Street, especially in the vicinity of Captain’s Bakery, the mayor said.

“I would advise potential shoppers and vendors to be very much on the alert because this is the time you have persons of ill repute coming out, so you must be on the lookout for persons who might be seeking to snatch a bag or a wallet. But I’m sure the area will be saturated with police and the military, especially downtown Montego Bay,” Davis told The Gleaner yesterday.

Davis further noted that while St James remained under a state of emergency (SOE), some leeway may be granted with regard to time restrictions in order to accommodate Christmas shopping, even as security measures are tightened.

“There won’t be a relaxing of the security, so what might possibly happen is that there might be an extension of the cut-off time. But extending the time does not necessarily mean the security will be compromised, especially at this time,” said Davis.

During the Christmas period, vendors will be allowed to sell on sections of St James Street during the city’s Grand Market night and on Church Lane in the vicinity of Sam Sharpe Square.

St James Street was singled out as a no-vending zone in 2017 following complaints about difficulties in traversing the area because of roadside vendors.

“Most of the areas that we have as designated areas for vending or no-vending will still remain as designated vending and no-vending areas. We will be allowing vending on St Clavers Avenue, and we will allow some vending on St James Street for Grand Market night,” Davis added.