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Steve Lyston | Good staff brings excellence

Published:Monday | December 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM
When profits are down, the first expense to get cut is the wage bill. Pity the workers who are not indispensable.

One of the most difficult things to find in any organisation is good staff. Having good staff members is, in fact, a favour from God. It is one of the greatest set of assets any organization can have. Regardless of what vision you may have, you will never advance and walk in success without a good staff.

Good staff members go beyond collecting a monthly salary or bi-weekly wages. They carry the burden of the vision and they function in order to support the vision. They want their boss to look good and they want the organisation to increase.

It is sad, however, that the leader(s)/owner(s) of the organisation treat the machinery better than they treat good staff members. Leaders of organisations should understand – Finding good staff goes beyond looking at academic qualifications. Many applicants may be brilliant academically, but are they bringing any true value to your organisation? Good staff carry a particular kind of favour/grace on their lives which brings growth and increase to the organisation to which they are connected. Biblically, Laban did not see increase until Jacob arrived on the scene

When good staff members go

Oftentimes, when certain staff members leave the organisation, the organisation begins to collapse – even after they replaced the staff member. So the organisation begins to struggle, because the favour has departed. This is why organisations must do everything possible to maintain good staff. Most companies make millions per year and profit-sharing only goes to one set of persons – usually the profilers. When was the last time organisation leaders/owners asked their staff – “What can I do for you and your family?”

Within the political organisation, many lose elections because they neglect those who work hardest for them. They only see their value when it is time for elections. Those people who build and support the organisation from the foundation are oftentimes neglected.

The law of exchange

Everyone must understand that when they employ someone they are engaging in what is called the law of exchange. Regardless of their position in the organization, they are offering a service. They may sweep the floor every evening, but they are valuable to your organisation. They are your gatekeepers. Never treat a person based on the position they hold. The ancillary staff are the first set of persons you need to get to know. They can uplift or bring down your organisation in a moment.

Many times, we give praises to the sales manager, sales team or the chief executive officer but if general line staff do not function in the spirit of excellence, then everything will fall apart and failure is imminent. Sales and profit will be nowhere near the target.

It is critical for companies to do regular checks and balances on the staff to see the attitude they display. For example, there are staff members in the medical, legal and other customer-oriented organizations who are the first face of the organisation and they can ruin your organisation and run it into the ground by simply having a poor attitude. They will give a bad impression of the organisation and turn customers/clients away. Regardless of how much they think of themselves and their qualifications, the organisation cannot survive without the customers/clients, which means they need the customers/clients.

Leaders in most faith-based organisations will tell you that finding good staff is a challenge. Pastors struggle with their vision because they find it extremely difficult to find staff members who are willing, able and loyal. Most will want to receive, but find it a bother to give back.

Once you find good staff, do everything within your power to maintain them, and thus the blessings upon their lives.

What you can do

- Set up compensation packages for them and their families to be in good stead. If the company makes a super-profit, ensure that the staff enjoy some of the benefits of the growth they helped to make happen.

- Think twice before you replace good staff. Remember that machines can’t replace good staff.

- Include them in decision-making and allow them to feel like a part of the organisation.

- Look beyond your personal likes/dislikes about a certain personality, and honestly ask yourself, “has this person been faithful to the organisation and its vision?”

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.