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Inaugural Beauty Market wellness series a success

Published:Sunday | February 2, 2020 | 12:15 AMShanna Monteith - Gleaner Writer
Founder of TamalciJ ministries showcases her EVOLVE shirt line at the Beauty Within Beauty Market on Saturday, January 25. 
Founder of TamalciJ ministries showcases her EVOLVE shirt line at the Beauty Within Beauty Market on Saturday, January 25. 

The inspiration that comes from spending time in the presence of God, seeking His face and direction, remains unmatched. It is from such encounters that many impactful and successful ministries, movements and businesses, are birthed.

Likewise, the idea of a series promoting and supporting total wholeness in the body of Christ came to Lori-Ann Wallace over a period of time as she sought the face of the Lord in prayer and devotion.

The Beauty Within, as the series is called, is themed A Whole Beauty and saw its first event happening on Saturday, January 25 in the form of a Beauty Market.


“Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, this was born out of the desire to see the whole man (mind, spirit, body/behaviour) being engaged for healing and transformation.

“However, for the market, we wanted to create a one-stop shopping experience where persons (young ladies) have access to beauty, wellness and fashion products and services. We also wanted to create an interactive programme where persons could have godly fun and just unload the weight they may be carrying, whatever that is.

“At the Beauty Market, we had persons selling jewellery, shirts; we had make-up services; natural haircare service; food; shakes; nail services and fitness services. A reflexologist, clothing, home décor, swimwear, heels and handbags were also on sale,” Wallace said, revealing that a church service, a seminar and a workshop are to follow over the course of the coming months.

Giving further insight on the process of the conceptualisation of the series, the 23-year-old ­member of the Bethlehem Temple Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God said, “It was something I heard while having my devotions. The Beauty Within. It’s really me having devotions, minding my business, just being in a place of surrender where I wanted to be of use to God, to please God, where I was focused on Him, not myself or anybody else.

“I remember hearing the ‘Beauty Within’. I write my prayers and at the time I was just writing and when that came up, I remember writing it and as God continued to speak to me over a period of time, I just continued to put the details together.

“So it was really just me spending time in the presence of God being opened to what HE wanted me to do and just being available.”

She told Family & Religion that the Beauty Market was successful in that she believed it accomplished what God wanted for it.

Wallace shared, “For these types of events, persons can expect atmosphere that are conducive to emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioural healing and transformation. Persons should be able to leave strengthened and equipped in their identity in the purpose, in their relationship with God. They should be able to leave whole and healed so that God can build what He wants to build in them, and trust that they will be stable enough to carry out that task.”