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$50m repair bill for Ocho Rios roads, clock

Published:Monday | February 17, 2020 | 12:18 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
The clock in the Ocho Rios town centre will be fitted with a new face, costing roughly $4 million.
The clock in the Ocho Rios town centre will be fitted with a new face, costing roughly $4 million.

St Ann’s Bay Mayor Michael Belnavis has revealed that almost $50 million has been earmarked for road-improvement works in the resort town of Ocho Rios and adjoining communities as well as the road leading to Murphy Hill in St Ann.

Pimento Walk, Buckfield and Great Pond are the communities outside Ocho Rios proper that will benefit from the road-repair programme.

Speaking at a press conference last Tuesday, Belnavis said the repairs will begin this week and will see $20 million being spent on works on Main Street and other thoroughfares in the town, with patching to be undertaken along with repairing of sidewalks. Another $10 million has been set aside to pave the car park at the market.

The clock in the Ocho Rios town centre will also get some attention, with roughly $4 million budgeted for restoration works.

Meanwhile, $15 million will be spent on repairing the road from Ocho Rios to Murphy Hill, via Parry Town and Beecher Town, in anticipation of a new tour which is to begin within a few months.

“Beginning the 20th of February, we’re looking to start rehabilitation of the roads and we anticipate that this programme will last for a week. This will take the form of resurfacing of the road. We’re looking to have sidewalks repaired and replaced so tourists and locals alike can traverse the older part of Ocho Rios,” Belnavis said.

Speaking to the condition of the Ocho Rios market, he said some funds have finally been allocated to address problems there.

“The market itself will be rehabilitated and sidewalks put in, vending areas put in and, of course, it would be marked for parking and vending. Key to this, we want the vendors to know there will be no vending in the car park. Vending will only be allowed in the areas designated for vending,” Belnavis said.

“We’re looking to get sanitary conveniences installed in the market area so people won’t have to improvise,” he further added.