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Steve Lyston | Biblical plagues emerging with climate change

Published:Monday | February 17, 2020 | 12:17 AM

The earth is groaning in pain due to the destruction at the hands of man. The whole created universe has suffered the consequences of human sin, being subjected to decomposition and corruption. However, that process of deterioration is only temporary because God has provided the hope of deliverance.

Because of man’s actions, the door has been opened for the re-emergence of biblical plagues upon mankind. The plagues that once descended upon Egypt are once again manifesting in the earth.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports: “Small and wingless, the hopping young locusts are the next wave in the outbreak that threatens more than 10 million people across the region with a severe hunger crisis … Climate experts have pointed to unusually heavy rains, aided by a powerful cyclone off Somalia in December, as a major factor in the outbreak. The locusts were carried in by the storm’s winds from the Arabian Peninsula and parts beyond, and now they are feeding on Somalia’s fresh vegetation.”

The only thing the experts needed to add to this report is that this heavy influx of locusts rapidly breeding and attacking the vegetation is in fact a biblical plague, according to Exodus 10 and Joel 1. According to the Scriptures, God used four kinds of locusts to send a serious message to the nations and the pharaoh of that time. Today, He is addressing the modern-day pharaohs, warning them to cease the way in which they treat the people.

Dealing with climate change

Trying to deal with climate change using solely scientific facts, while excluding biblical facts, is simply a waste of money while they totally neglect the poor. Let it be clear to all those who believe that dealing directly with the environmental issues – stopping gas emissions, stopping the greenhouse effect globally – this is not the solution. God made a covenant with man on the earth. This covenant is our clue to the solution for climate change. The rainbow symbol was God’s unconditional promise to all of life, that He would never again destroy the earth by water (Genesis 9: 9-17). The earth suffers because of our lifestyle, because God has set laws to govern the earth which are connected to our lifestyle and relationship with Him. Everything we do, everything we create, everything we allow in our space has an impact on agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, zoology, geology, geography, and all such areas of our existence.

Some of the scientific testing done by the military, governmental and other scientists for huge profit making executes further destruction upon the planet – man, animal and everything in between suffer as a result.

Knowledge without God is madness! In order to understand the secret of God’s creation, man cannot trust what knowledge they have – they must go through the Holy Spirit who creates and sustains all life. Trying to understand the Bible without the involvement of the Holy Spirit of God – or attempting to discredit the Bible – adds further problems, to say the least.

Rebuilding the altar

Prayer and the Word of God create positive influences on the climate. We have seen where many countries try to abandon prayer and the Word of God without realising that they are doing more harm than anything else. Meanwhile, many want to replace it with immoralities of different kinds for financial gain and grants, to their detriment.

What transpired with Noah, the Ark and the earth teaches us that in order to get back in harmony with the earth, get in line with God, and minimise damage from tsunamis, floods, land slippage and so on, nations that have replaced God with other gods must rededicate their nation to God, and rebuild and re-establish the altars of God within the nation. Then true harmony will come and the earth will respond accordingly.

On the matter of climate, there are some very interesting names lined up for the hurricane season this year: Arthur, which means bear; Cristobal which means Christ-bearer; Edouard – wealthy guardian; Isaias – God is my Salvation; even one called Omar, which means long life.

Let each of us begin to focus on our personal lifestyle so that we can have a positive impact on and in the earth and, by extension, – the universe.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.