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A love like this - Part II

Published:Sunday | June 7, 2020 | 12:12 AMShanna Monteith - Gleaner Writer
Tommy Cowan and his wife Carlene.
Tommy Cowan and his wife Carlene.

WORKING TOGETHER to maintain a healthy relationship that has spanned 30-odd years and counting, Tommy Cowan and his life-partner, Carlene Davis, shared that being stuck at home together during the pandemic has proven to be a plus for their family.

Previous articles have revealed that despite the period being described as a time of relationship building, the likelihood of a rise in mental-health issues brought on by forced and constant association cannot be denied.

International news has shared that registry offices are reporting a significant increase in divorce rates because couples are spending too much time together at home during coronavirus isolation.

Touching on the keys to marital survival during a crisis and while quarantining together, Cowan told Family & Religion that the mechanics may differ from person to person.

“This depends very much on a variety of circumstances, including challenges and social standing. For my family, we’ve always cherished the idea of being together, and we are excited daily at being together. We don’t have an approach of ‘I need my space’, so when the isolation and quarantine came, it brought out the best in our family,” he said.

Outlining some of the activities that they participate in as a family, Cowan said: “We try to cook a variety of healthy meals, taking our vitamins to enforce our immune system and staying fit. We watch a variety of movies to include the TV series Greenleaf.

“We are able to spend more time in worship and reading the Word of God. We watch special virtual church services and also attend to our grandson, who is a bundle of joy.

“We spend time to reach out to friends and family to see how they are doing, write songs, revisit productions, and finalising projects, for example, Fun in the Son. We also organise care packages for needy families, following the protocols issued by Government and even watch birds giving birth on our balcony, which was very special,” he said with a chuckle as he quickly included that while he does Bible studies with his men’s group, his wife, Carlene, participates in her church’s intercessory prayer team and care group.