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VXI Jamaica grants $350,000 for the care of abandoned children

Published:Friday | April 23, 2021 | 12:14 AM

VXI Global Solutions, LLC, a leader in customer experience (CX) management, donated $350,000 to the Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) as part of the organisation’s ongoing mission to care for society’s most vulnerable, including abandoned children and adults with disabilities in Jamaica.

VXI was able to raise the said amount from donations across its Jamaica site, which will be used to fund MSC residents’ day-to-day expenses as well as maintaining the organisation’s programmes for the disabled, nutrition and education for impoverished communities, and sustainable agriculture and vocational programmes.

“Our organisation relies on donations to survive, but it has been very challenging since COVID so we have to be out there to try and get even more donors to come on board and it’s been very difficult,” Mustard Seed Communities Senior Supervisor Camille Bromfield said. “We are blessed and honoured to receive this donation from VXI.”

“Mustard Seed cares for children with special needs, like those with Down syndrome. As we see their continuous need for funds, we want to extend all the help that we can,” VXI Site Support Officer Rose-Ann Sandford said. “We hope that through this, we were able to enrich the residents’ lives.

“We’ve given to Mustard Seed before, and this will not be our last donation to them. We sincerely hope that others could also come out and extend a helping hand to them.”