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Family of dog-attack victim heaps praises on hospital

Relatives ‘100 per cent satisfied’ with service

Published:Friday | June 18, 2021 | 1:03 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
Shereen Watson-Tennant
Shereen Watson-Tennant

In a rare thumbs up for the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, the family of dog-bite victim, 61-year-old Bavette Watson-Balfour, is praising the service that medical staff at the institution delivered to their relative over the weekend.

Complaints of poor service delivery at the institution have surfaced intermittently over the years as relatives of patients grieve the loss of their loved ones. This time, though, with a happy outcome, the family is saying thanks to the doctors and nurses for their service.

Watson-Balfour was rushed to the hospital Saturday evening after being attacked and savagely bitten by two pit bulls, as she made her way to work in Eltham, Ocho Rios.

Well taken care of

She was cared for and released on Monday to continue recuperation at home, and the victim’s sister, Shereen Watson-Tennant, is showing appreciation for the work of the hospital staff.

“They gave her the utmost care, she was well taken care of and we were pleased regardless of the situation,” Watson-Tennant told The Gleaner.

Watson-Tennant admitted that on a previous occasion, the experience might have been a bit negative, but not this time.

“There was nothing negative, not this time around. We ah give dem di ratings dis time,” she said.

“I am satisfied, 100 per cent,” Watson-Tennant’s niece, Toni-Ann Balfour, added.

“Regardless that it is St Ann’s Bay,” she added with a chuckle.

She continued: “She was attended to immediately and the doctors and nurses were quick with everything and they made sure that everything went well. They treated her good and even when we went there, they gave us information, everything,” she continued.

Relatives who accompanied the victim to the hospital on Saturday stayed late at the institution to ensure their loved one was taken care of, and returned Sunday morning to continue offering support.

On Monday they were there again as the hospital prepared Watson-Balfour for discharge.

“We are okay with everything; I have nothing negative about this case. Everything did good, man!” she said.