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JN Group to host financial webinar

Published:Tuesday | July 27, 2021 | 12:05 AM

JN Fund Managers, JN General Insurance (JNGI) and JN Life Insurance, subsidiary companies of The Jamaica National Group, will host a financial webinar on July 28 under the theme ‘Building and Protecting Generational Wealth’.

The session will be held on the Zoom platform and will be streamed live on the JN Group’s social media pages on Facebook and YouTube.

Allan Lewis, managing director of JN Fund Managers, said the webinar is another initiative by the JN Group to assist members and clients in enhancing their financial security by building and preserving wealth. “We are inviting our members, clients and guests to get more understanding about the opportunities to create wealth and improve their financial security through life and general insurance products and services, in addition to investments in stocks, bonds and real estate,” he said.

“Our team of experts will inform and advise participants; therefore, we cordially invite you to attend this session, which will share recommendations about how you can create wealth for your family, either through real estate, life insurance or stock market investments,” he noted.

Chris Hind, general manager of JNGI, said that building generational wealth may seem intimidating, especially if you have no idea on how to get started. However, he noted that the objective of this financial webinar is to provide participants with a blueprint.

“This financial webinar will provide a solid financial strategy about how to build generational wealth, which you can pass on to your children,” he advised.

Hugh Reid, general manager of JN Life Insurance, said that the company was pleased to be collaborating with other JN companies to host the webinar, which will be educational.

“Persons who inherit generational wealth have financial advantages over those who do not. Generational wealth creates a solid foundation for your descendants’ financial success, as they can continue to build sustainable wealth over many generations,” he affirmed.

JN Fund Managers is a licensed securities dealer and full-service investment manager which offers wealth management; asset management; and pension fund administration; as well as investment banking. JN Fund Managers is also a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and is a Bank of Jamaica primary dealer.

JN Life Insurance Company Limited has provided affordable life insurance solutions since 2013 for Jamaicans who own a home, borrow from microfinancing companies, or are employers who desire life insurance coverage for their employees.

JN General Insurance Company Limited, formerly NEM Insurance, is the longest established of all general insurance companies operating in Jamaica. Its tradition of excellence dates back to its inception in 1934.