Sun | Dec 4, 2022

MoBay mayor takes jab at city stakeholders

Published:Friday | August 13, 2021 | 12:05 AMAdrian Frater/News Editor


Montego Bay Mayor Leeroy Williams has called for a unified approach from stakeholders in the quest to improve the quality of life of the residents of St James.

In his recent Independence Day statement, Williams intimated that some stakeholders were languishing on the sidelines instead of creating a unified bond with the St James Municipal Corporation (StJMC).

“Today, I call on the leadership of all civic and progressive organisations across Montego Bay and St James to get off the proverbial fence and become active participants in the process of community and nation-building,” said Williams. “…for too long we have been having fragmented discussions in our own space. We have been speaking from different sides of our mouths and sometimes we speak on the spur of the moment. This needs to stop.”

According to Williams, instead of the fragmented approach, stakeholders need to unite in hammering out policy decisions in consultation with the StJMC, which is the parish’s main policymaker.

“As your mayor, I am calling on all stakeholders across Montego Bay to come and add your voice to the positive discourse being led by the St James Municipal Corporation as ‘none of us is stronger than all of us’,” said Williams.

In speaking specifically to the celebration of Jamaica’s 59th anniversary of political Independence, Williams said while there is much to celebrate, he believes the nation’s best is yet to come.

“Independence Day 2021 provides us an opportunity to reflect on our past, celebrate the achievements, and move with full force, working as a team in building our country and moving our people to unprecedented achievements. I am of the view that for Jamaica and Jamaicans, the best is yet to come,” said Williams.

As it relates to the ongoing dislocation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams said he is pleased to see the resolve being shown by the Jamaican people, which he thinks is key to building back and recovering stronger.

“The past 18 months under COVID-19 fear, precautions, restrictions and lifestyle change has shown us what true resilience, grit and determination among Jamaicans is all about,” said Williams. “Firstly, we struggled to come to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic and when added to other challenges to include crime and unemployment, at times we stood at a crossroads not knowing where we were going. However, the resolve, resilience and creativity that our Jamaican people have shown in rising from the ashes and gradually getting back on their feet is worthy of the highest commendation.”