Sat | Dec 4, 2021

Earth Today | Huawei prepares to boost energy efficiency

Published:Thursday | October 21, 2021 | 12:06 AM

TECHNOLOGY GIANTS Huawei, who are to host an energy summit in Kingston, Jamaica, today, recently released a Green 5G white paper in Shanghai, China, involving new tech standards and innovations to enhance energy efficiency in the telecommunications industry.

The company has noted that it is in line with national strategies on carbon neutrality and sustainable development in China.

Sources have explained that the white paper introduces eight different trends for green 5G construction, covering standards and evolutions on base stations and components like chips and antennas. It is believed that as technology evolves, the industry can reduce energy consumption by 30 per cent and improve energy efficiency.

“Though telecommunications equipment account for limited energy consumption in society at large, green 5G can reduce energy consumption by about 20 per cent in future, covering the whole industry chain like smartphones, mobile carriers, industrial applications and various sectors of the digital economy, according to Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm,” noted a release from the company.

The white paper is said to also be able to help firms meet requirements on ESG or Environmental, Social and Governance and national policies like carbon neutrality, analysts said.

The Huawei Jamaica energy summit will take place at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.