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No rift despite public spat in Manchester Central, say MP, councillor

Published:Wednesday | December 22, 2021 | 12:11 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

Following her recent allegations of the inadequate efforts of councillors in her division to drive road rehabilitation projects, and their refutation of those claims, Manchester Central Member of Parliament Rhoda Crawford said their is no rift among members of the local political directorate.

“I want to assure the people of Manchester Central and Jamaica that there is no rift between myself and any of my four councillors. What we have are very passionate exchanges,” Crawford said on Monday.

The constituency comprises four divisions held mainly by the People’s National Party, with Councillor Mario Mitchell of the Bellefield division, Jones Oliphant of the Mandeville division, and Donovan Mitchell of the Royal Flat.

The lone JLP-led division is Knockpatrick, which is headed by Cleon Francis.

Crawford, who was speaking at the launch of free community hotspot in the Bombay district of parish, spoke strongly on the appropriation of allocated funding.

“I believe that as elected officials, all five of us must be held to the highest account. We are all provided with resources to see to the well-being of the people of this constituency, and I maintain that as long as all of us make good use of the resources afforded to us, it will only serve to benefit the people of Manchester Central,” Crawford told the audience.

Mario Mitchell, who was also present at Wi-Fi launch, described the heated exchanges as just a matter of “development of the people”. He said further that he would be working with Crawford to ensure plans for the division and the constituency are actualised.