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Crofts Hill resident needs help to save eyesight

Published:Friday | March 25, 2022 | 12:06 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Hubert Rowe.
Hubert Rowe.

Crofts Hill, Clarendon resident Hubert ‘Yahoon’ Rowe is desperately in need of help to stave off being blind. The 71-year-old has a June 22 date to do surgery to remove cataract from his eye. However, as that day approaches, he is no closer to finding the $250,000 he will need to pay for the operation.

“With each passing day, my eyesight is worsening. Sometimes mi stumble when mi walk, because a can’t see so good,” he shared with The Gleaner as he made the plea for some Good Samaritan to help him come up with the money to have the surgery done.

Rowe has one daughter, who is in university. He said she cannot assist him, as she had to take a student loan to further her education. In fact, he is bemoaning the fact that he cannot assist her in any way.

He is, however, still thankful for the little things in his life, including a small house the One Connection Group built for him. Unemployed, he struggles to feed himself daily, but thankfully, some days he can reap something from what he plants, even if he doesn’t have anything to accompany the ground provisions.

Romaine Rowe, one of the founding fathers of One Connection, commenting on Yahoon’s situation, said that he and the group members give what they can to fund projects, but the reality is that some of them have their own challenges.


“Yahoon is a hard worker. When we go on projects to help build houses, he always makes himself available, and he doesn’t ‘hitch’ on the job. However, with his eyesight failing, he has had to sit out a few. I really would love for him to get the help, so he can get the surgery done,” Rowe shared.

He also said that the team is scheduled to do completion work on Yahoon’s house, which includes a small room, kitchen and bathroom.

Rowe, in making an appeal, said he is praying that someone’s heart will be so touched that they reach out and help Yahoon.

“To see is a beautiful ting … honestly. Nuff time when a tink ‘bout not having my sight, mi panic. How do you go from being independent to having to depend on someone to lead you around ... to not being able to look up in di sky? A pray God mi nuh have to find out,” he said, almost close to tears.