Sat | Mar 25, 2023

Happiness comes from within you

Published:Sunday | September 4, 2022 | 12:06 AM

We all seek happiness in everything we do. The purpose behind every action is to get happiness, yet we see that a lot of us are not always happy. It is momentary. The material things and relationships that made you happy yesterday are no longer giving happiness. Why are our actions or possessions or abilities not able to keep our happiness constant?

It is the time to change how and where we seek happiness. People or possessions can’t give us happiness. We need not wait for happiness to come to us from external sources. Stop wanting and start being. Happiness is in our nature; we need to remind ourselves about this. In every favourable situation, you choose to feel happy. In the same way, in every painful situation, you choose to not to be happy. It is your decision to either choose it or lose it. It takes courage to take responsibility for your decisions. It is easier to blame others for making you feel that way; but the truth is, you are fooling yourself.

Take back the charge of your own feelings and how you respond to circumstances is your decision. If you want to feel happy despite unfavourable situations then make happiness your first priority. Make happiness your priority and it will gradually become a part of your life. Take back the reigns of your life from external sources and be the master of your inner world – your thoughts, feelings, words and behaviour. You were always the master, and just need a reminder: Stop seeking happiness from outside, instead find happiness within you.

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