Sun | May 28, 2023

Flow Jamaica promoting female empowerment

Published:Wednesday | March 22, 2023 | 12:05 AM
Shana-Kay Carey
Shana-Kay Carey
Theresa Bowen
Theresa Bowen

Entertainment and Communications company Flow Jamaica is being credited for its efforts to empower its female employees. At least two such women are hailing parent company Liberty Latin America’s equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) policy, which promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion at all levels of the organisation, across all teams, and locations.

Fifty per cent of Flow’s senior leadership team comprise women, and 17 per cent of women are currently employed in its technical operations department, an area traditionally dominated by men, a release noted. Theresa Bowen, senior manager of legal affairs for the Caribbean, believes that the EDI policy is having a positive impact on female employees at the technology company.

“It allows women at Flow to show up daily as our authentic selves and bring our whole selves to work. Our EDI policy has created a lot of awareness around gender equality, equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and as women, we are given the opportunities and resources that we need to excel in our respective areas of expertise, and as a result, we feel valued, recognised and genuinely supported,” Bowen shared.

She added that the policy also creates an environment which lessens the risks for discrimination and harassment, which is very important to the women at Flow.

“It is very refreshing to know that when someone shares something, there is no judgement. Instead we try to actively listen, understand, and empathise with them, and this is because of the awareness that our EDI policy has created at work and the fact that we are working in an environment where everyone feels safe, engaged, and empowered to give of our best,” Bowen declared.

She continued: “All our voices and opinions are being heard, we feel understood and supported, and we see and know based on our positive experiences in recent years, that EDI is encouraged and celebrated at work. Due to our EDI policy, female employees are being recognised and rewarded for contributions that we make to the various Flow business units that we support in the region, and this makes us motivated to do our best work,”


Bowen, who says one of her major life goals is to make a difference and add value, aims to“create a space for not only my voice, but for that of other women and girls to be heard by advocating, leading by example, listening and supporting, and speaking up for other women and girls at every opportunity I get, whether its among my family, friends, colleagues, or the various groups and communities that I am a part of.”

Meanwhile, Shana-Kay Carey, a back-office technician at Flow and recent recipient of a regional technology award for her work, is intent on giving her best to the company and sharing her knowledge among her colleagues. Her aim is “to show young girls that we can do it all as well, and our opportunities are endless in the tech world ”.

According to Carey, “While many believe that technology is a place for men, we have strong female leaders who have paved the way for us.”

She is also giving the thumbs up to Flow’s EDI policy, which, she says, “will drive the success of the company. People should be treated as equals, and once the employees are happy, the company will feel the rewards. I also like the fact that we are sensitised, and we receive regular updates to educate us on the policy.”

Carey also had this advice to share with young women: “Find the company that values you and believes in your development, growth, and success. Ensure it is aligned with your integrity and make your mark!”