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'Beachy Stout' threatened to kill his wife after seeing nude pictures she sent to a policeman - witness

Published:Wednesday | September 27, 2023 | 12:57 PM
McDonald and his co-accused, Oscar Barnes, are on trial for the July 20, 2020 murder of his wife Tonia.

A former employee of Portland businessman Everton 'Beachy Stout' McDonald this morning testified that his boss had evidence that his second wife was cheating on him with a policeman and was sending him nude pictures.

The witness, who worked at McDonald's supermarket and previously described himself as the businessman's right hand, during his testimony said that his ex-boss had threatened to murder the policeman after seeing the photographs.

The witness recalled one occasion when McDonald summoned him and a senior security officer to his office where they went through several racy photographs of McDonald's wife, Tonia, in 2020.

"Look at dem yah disgrace yah she a put me through," the witness recalled McDonald saying to him.
When asked by the prosecutor if he knew why the businessman was saying his wife had disgraced him, the witness said it was because the woman was seen naked in the photographs.

"Tonia was naked and me never waa look but him say 'Look man open up yuh eye and look'," he said.

Asked what he did, the witness said, "Mi look, mi affi look."

The witness said Tonia was also seen naked in a screenshot of a Facetime call with the policeman, who was naked in his bathroom. There was another in which they were seen out together drinking from one glass with separate straws. 

The witness testified that McDonald had previously asked him if he knew that Tonia was having an affair with a policeman but he didn't answer.

Apart from McDonald's constant complaints about his wife being unfaithful, the witness said his former boss also complained that she was lazy in their supermarket and was not keeping the home clean.

McDonald and his co-accused, Oscar Barnes, are on trial for the July 20, 2020 murder of his wife Tonia.

Tonia's partially burnt body was found with her throat slashed inside her car along a deserted road in Sherwood Forest in Portland.

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