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Ruth Lawrence releases book to empower young people

Published:Sunday | April 19, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Dr Susan Otuokon (left), president of the St Hugh’s Past Students’ Association, presents Ruth Lawrence with an award for exemplary contribution or service to youth empowerment and advocacy last November at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.
Ruth Lawrence (fifth left) shares lens time with students of the Old Harbour High School United Nation’s Club at their induction ceremony.
Ruth Lawrence … on a mission to reset the mindset.

OUT OF a desire to instil confidence and change the mindset of some young persons Ruth Lawrence has come in contact with, she has penned a book titled Power Moves – The Metamorphosis of the Game Changer.

Released April 1 on Amazon Kindle, with the printed version due on April 24, Lawrence, who works as a youth empowerment officer, shared that the book became a reality as she was tired of seeing young people struggling to overcome some of the very things she herself went through when she was their age.

“Rejection, insecurities, the need for validation and low self-worth ... I was determined that I would be the David that God would use to kills these Goliaths,” she shared with Outlook, adding that she never ever wanted another person to be a victim of those destructive maladies, as she knew the hurt and pain they caused her.

“I equally want people to come to the knowledge of their real identity, one that is not thwarted by negativity, but rather one that is enabling for them to manifest the gifts, talents and purposes for which they are created,” she shared.

Becoming Intentional

Powers Moves, she said, is about people becoming intentional about evolving into the person who is empowered to take captive every and anything that might pose a threat to their purpose and success. The book, she shared, is about using your limitations as the base to build your legacy.

Commenting on the book, Lawrence said she is hoping that it will bring deliverance to people, enabling them to be released from fear and limited thinking.

“Each reader will be given an opportunity to assess their life’s purpose and create a vision and a plan to do or manifest the purpose for which they were created. I want them to become acquainted with their God identity that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them,” she said.

Lawrence, in analysing the title of her book, said a power mover is someone who is fearless and operates in timely wisdom. They know that their presence in this world is meaningful to bring positive change and enlightenment to a world searching for answers.

She said the message she really wants young people to take away from the book is not allowing the lack of a reference to kill or hinder their dreams or ideas from coming alive.

Among the topics explored in the book are ‘Dealing with rejection’, ‘Feeding your faith and starving your fear’, ‘Identity’, ‘The disease of comparison’ and ‘Value vs validation’, among others.

Lawrence, who is also a life speaker, has spent over a decade in service to youth development.

Her passion for service found her utilising her talents in the fine arts, and children, youth, and outreach ministries at church. It was this same passion to serve both her church and community that contributed to her being awarded the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence (Jamaica’s highest national honour for youth) in 2011.

Last November, Lawrence was one of five past students who were awarded for excellence by the St Hugh High Past Students’ Association.

A former youth ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly, Lawrence has represented Jamaica in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

She is the holder of a postgraduate certificate from the Entrepreneurship Institute of India in empowering women in entrepreneurship. Lawrence prides herself in being a dedicated Christian.