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No JFF, KSAFA intervention in Arnett crisis

Published:Friday | March 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer

Neither the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) nor the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) have grounds to intervene in the ongoing impasse at the Arnett Gardens Football club between club president Patrick Roberts, the players and Member of Parliament Mark Golding, the club chairman designate.

On Monday, a petition signed by 25 Arnett Gardens' players requested KSAFA's intervention in the turmoil affecting the club. The petition stated that the situation at the club had become a crisis as the players had not received payment or incentives in over two months. It noted that general manager, Richard 'Charlie Chaplain' Bennett had resigned, but President Roberts, refused to step aside when he clearly is in no position to fix the problems.

It went on to say that Golding who has the resources to fix the problem, had offered to step in and that the players were unanimous in asking for the reins of the club to be handed over to Golding.

JFF president Michael Ricketts, said that while they had authority to intervene in any football related matter, there were no grounds for such action in internal disagreements among club members.

"JFF does have the authority (to intervene) once it is an issue related to football. Whether refereeing, coaching, football, football administration - the JFF does have the authority to intervene in whatever the issue might be, and, certainly, if they need intervention from the JFF, we are willing to offer our services in whatever way we can," Ricketts said.

"If it (situation) warrants suspension or sanctions, the JFF has the authority to do that. But if there are no disciplinary issue and there are just disagreements, then the JFF could not just arbitrarily move in and remove them.


Dependent on process


Ricketts added: "So it really depends on the process. If you are going to forcefully remove someone that has been legally put in place that is another issue. But whatever the issue, we would love to offer our service to ensure they are properly dealt with and that nobody gets hurt. So if Arnett or KSAFA requests our intervention, we will do whatever we can," he added.

KSAFA general-secretary Dwayne Dillon, on the other hand, said that, they were powerless to act in the Arnett Gardens standoff and could only advise the club on the best course of action.

"Each club has its own constitution and ways of operating. Some are registered companies and have their by-laws. So it's the constitution of the club and what it entails," he commented, before noting that the association has been trying to mediate in the situation for some time.

"The letter was only delivered (to KSAFA) this morning (yesterday), so we haven't had to time to assess it, but if that is the direction they want to go, we can give them some guidance. We will try to inform them and help them as best as possible how to go about it. But it is not something we can step in and make that happen. The club has its own constitution and has to follow it," he said