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Mother's Day wishes

Published:Friday | May 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMKavarly Arnold
Marcel Gayle


Llori Sharpe, Triathlete:

It's a pretty significant day because many times we take mothers for granted. We act as if it is just a duty. It's an important time to celebrate their effort. For me, every day I try to show appreciation to my mom, Donna-Kaye. She is my manager, chauffeur, and everything to me. I don't only wait on that day to show my love.

Marcel Gayle, Football coach:

My mother, Deborah Wolfe, is the greatest one. Not only because she gave birth to me, but she shows unconditional love. I can always call on her and would not trade her for anyone in the world. My mother always supports me through good and bad. I will do something for her on Sunday (today) but won't reveal.

Fedrick Dacres, Athlete:

My mom, Claudette Morgan, is a good mom because she made me 'strong'.

Maurice Wilson, Athletics coach:

I think my wife, Sherine Wilson, is the greatest mom in the world. Our family life would be non-existent without all she has done for the children and for me as a husband. We are going to make the day really special. In my mind, my mom, Veronica Brown Tomlin, is one of the most brilliant ladies in the world. She actually started my career as a coach.

Marva Bernard, Administrator:

Mother's Day is a symbolic convention that forces us to stop and think about our mothers, especially to show them our appreciation. My mother has not been alive over 20-odd years now, and each time this happens, I miss her, but I am encouraged and moved by the number of calls I get from people I have mothered. That helps to ease the pain and the loss of not having your real mother around to make much of.

Gayon Evans, Athlete:

My mom, Livetina Evans, is a praying mom, and she is always there, through thick and thin. I remember in high school, sometimes she would have to give us the 'dinner money' to go to school and then she would find dinner in the evenings.

Usain Bolt, Athlete (retired):

My mother has been the key figure throughout my career, providing a bedrock of both stability and encouragement. Words are inadequate to express what this has meant to me. I am wishing my mom, Jennifer Bolt, a happy Mother's Day, and I also wish the same for all the mothers out there.

Jerry Benzwick, Administrator:

Jamaica's moms have proven themselves beyond amazing and deserve all honour and praise. They are worth fussing over. Happy Mother's Day to all Jamaican moms!

Stephenie-Ann McPherson, Athlete:

My mother, Paulette Williams, is the best mother, not only because she gave me life, but she set boundaries that make me who I am today. She taught me to be honest and strong. She is a giver, and I admire her strength and kindness towards people.

Sakima Mullings, Boxer:

I want to say happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there for being the backbone and supporting all of us and stepping up to the plate.

Pat Garel, Administrator:

Mother's Day is a sad time for me because my mother passed in the year 2000. So it's melancholy, although my children make an effort to make me feel appreciated. But not having my mother leaves a void in me on the day.

Billy Heaven, Administrator:

Mother's Day is always a significant occasion. Mothers are very special. They are special in a way that kids are usually attached to their mothers, whether a boy or girl. As significant as fathers are, mothers are very special in the mix. I see Mother's Day as a special and significant day when we should make our mothers feel special and honour them. It should be appreciated by all of us as we celebrate our mothers in that special way. And it means showing love and appreciation for everything that our mothers would have done to make us who we are today.

Omar Wedderburn, Football coach:

Honestly, Mother's Day is a day we should all treasure. Unlike me that doesn't have a mother for the last three years, I would just advise people to treasure the moments and the time you have to spend with your family, especially your mothers.