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A case of mistaken identity?

• Sources claim Waterhouse teenager not involved in theft• Second suspect charged over player’s missing cheque

Published:Thursday | December 29, 2022 | 10:27 AMLivingston Scott/Gleaner Writer

A WATERHOUSE club member close to a situation where 19-year-old Devonte Walker has been charged with a number of offences has labelled the affair unfortunate.

According to a Constabulary Communications Unit (CCU) report, the footballer, of a Waterhouse address, has been charged after it was alleged that he stole another player’s cheque and also used a gun in the furtherance of the crime.

Walker was charged with assault at common-law, being in possession of a prohibited weapon, using a prohibited weapon to commit a felony, and conspiracy.

According to the CCU report, on December 8, the victim reportedly placed a cheque in his pocket and left his belongings in the players’ changing area. But upon his return, the cheque could not be found.

It said Walker eventually emerged as a suspect, and during investigations, CCTV footage showed a man believed to be Walker cashing the missing cheque at a wholesale in the community later that day.

It continued that Walker is also alleged to have called the complainant to a location, held him at gunpoint, and demanded he report to the club that the money had been returned.

It said he also allegedly threatened the player not to return to training. Walker was subsequently arrested and charged.

However, a Gleaner source claimed that Walker did not steal the cheque but that he has close ties to a David Edwards, another player at the club, who, it is purported, committed the crime.

Subsequent checks with the police revealed that Edwards had also been charged over the instance of the stolen cheque

The source noted that all three players hail from the community and are well acquainted and that the accused and the victim live in opposing factions in the community, leaving the club in a very delicate situation.

“It is very delicate, and there have been a lot of implications. All three players are from the community, so it is not healthy. You have to tread lightly,” the source cautioned.

According to the source, Walker became involved in the situation because he happened to be there when the gun was used to intimidate the victim.

The source explained that the victim, in giving his report, told the police to ask Walker if Edwards had a gun.

“That is how Devonte got caught up, but he didn’t do anything,” said the source.

Further checks revealed that Walker went to the station to corroborate the claims of the victim and was held.

“It is three youth players, and they registered to play Premier League. But now it is not a club matter but a police matter, and because of the sensitive nature no one wants to come out and really talk,” the source stated.

There have also been more immediate implications for players at the club.

Apparently, the wholesale store where the cheque was cashed, had an arrangement with the club to change players’ cheques, but that is now in jeopardy.

“They didn’t have to go to the bank because he would change them, and he wouldn’t ask for ID because the trust was there. Now that the police are involved, he is no longer willing to help.”

According to the CCU report, Walker’s court date is being arranged.