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New TBS series to include reggae

Published:Thursday | March 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMDave Rodney
Tracy Morgan
New Jersey-based reggae artist, Jah Jah Yute's music will be included in new TBS television series.

Tracy Morgan's hot new comedy, The Last O.G., debuts on the TBS channel next Tuesday, April 3, at 10:30 p.m., (9.30 p.m. Central) and the series will feature reggae music from New Jersey-based reggae artiste Jah Jah Yute.

Jah Jah Yute's single Rough Life, from his recently released album Fresh Blood New Blood, was selected for inclusion by the producers of the Turner Broadcasting 10-week comedy series.

The segments were filmed in Brooklyn, New York, and in the series, Tracy Morgan is fresh from prison and he's shocked to find out how much the world has changed in 15 years. The storyline is wrapped around the many shocking discoveries he makes, including the fact that his ex-girlfriend has married a successful white professional, who is helping to raise his twin sons.

Yah Jah Yute's real name is Steadman Shearer and he's from Hanover, Jamaica. The colourful reggae artiste, who sells his music directly to fans on the streets, is a relative of former Jamaican prime minister, Hugh Shearer. His music can be described as primarily roots and culture, exploring many themes such as peace, love and unity.

His reggae track, Rough Life, will be used in a scene where one of the lead actors is being rebuked for wanting to spend the proceeds from a new

designer drug, lemon drops, on clothes and jewellery, instead of helping a homeless shelter in Brooklyn to stay open.

Fans of television comedy are happy to see Tracy Morgan back in action. The Last O.G. is Morgan's first major role since his 2014 motor vehicle accident, which left him badly hurt and which took the life of his friend and mentor, James McNair.