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Dalton and mother Sylvia reunite

Published:Thursday | July 16, 2020 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Sylvia Campbell.
Sylvia Campbell looks at a photo with a penned message from her son, Dalton Harris, during his time competing in Digicel Rising Stars.
Dalton Harris.

It is no secret that 2018 ‘X Factor’ winner Dalton Harris and his mother, Sylvia Campbell, have had a tumultuous relationship. The loving mother-son bond that should have been present between the two was evidently broken when both individuals relayed personal details of their rocky relationship to the media. But, some two years after airing those problems to the public, the pair have seemingly taken steps to mend their relationship.

In the latest episode of ‘SimSoul Sessions’, aired on TVJ on Monday night, the two spoke about coming to the difficult decision of reconciliation. Campbell told the show’s host, Simone Clarke-Cooper, that when she and Dalton were not on speaking terms, she felt as though a part of her was missing. “Simone, my dream was fi Dalton and I get together, because it was like something missing from me. Mi daughter weh name Jody always say, ‘Me nuh business wid mummy and Dalton’, but we did have this bond,” she said, pointing out that her son’s decision to check himself into rehab was a turning point for them both. “It really hit me when him tell me say him a go a rehab because me a say, ‘den nuh mad people go a rehab?’ But I’m so happy now, we talk every day. Him send me pictures. Anything him cook him send it.”

In last week’s episode of the show, Harris revealed to Clarke-Cooper that in January of this year, he spent some time in rehab. He said his goal was to heal from the childhood trauma that has haunted him into his adult life. He expressed that the experience has been life-altering, to the point where he now feels genuinely happy.

“January, I went to rehab in Phoenix, Arizona, for two weeks. There was a lot of childhood trauma that I needed to heal from. Upon going to rehab, I was speaking to my mom, because in January we started communicating again. I told her, ‘I’m going to rehab and this is what I’m going to speak about and it’s going to be hard and so, be patient with me,’” he said in the interview. “She was very supportive of it and was like, ‘I understand’. She used my healing to help her heal as well.”


“It was tough because there are no phones, no contact with the outside world. It’s like school. Yuh get up from 7 (a.m.) and yuh go do experiential work, describing your feelings, addressing and coming face to face with all the trauma from your childhood; neglect, physical abuse, and just healing,” he continued. “It was tough and uncomfortable, but I came out being healed from so many things. I’m able now to live a life that when I smile, I smile.”

A snippet of the interview from which Dalton joined in on virtually, was posted to Television Jamaica’s official Instagram page. The video has been met with a host of positive feedback from users who are happy to see the two have set aside their differences and are making an effort to repair their relationship. “This is great! I’m glad they are rebuilding their relationship,” user twinpeaks_ commented under the video. “Am so happy that time healed and you and your mom are back on track. Thank God blessings on you both,” user nicky_2real also posted.

Shortly after it was revealed that Dalton Harris was a contestant on the 2018 staging of UK talent show ‘X Factor’, news reports coming out of London revealed childhood abuse, as told by Harris. He was quoted detailing numerous occasions on which he was physically and emotionally abused. It also revealed Harris’ struggles with poverty, including being homeless at 15. When those stories gained national attention in Jamaica, Harris’ mother decided to come forward with stories of her own. According to her, Harris had exaggerated the stories of abuse and poverty, stating things weren’t as bad as he had made it seem.