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Singer Jahdon ready to reintroduce himself

Published:Tuesday | March 21, 2023 | 12:34 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
Jahdon believes that not many know the man behind the message and the music.
Jahdon believes that not many know the man behind the message and the music.

Canaan Heights artiste Jahdon is a man of many talents. Currently the principal of his record label, Look Ya Noww Entertainment, over the past decade, he has transformed from being a broom man in the community into an entrepreneur and international recording artiste.

Prior to the pandemic, persons could find Jahdon involved in school tours, performing and promoting his music and tradition in the streets, showcasing conscious singles like How Can I, Congo Bongo, Congo Bongo Empress, Broomie, and I Got Love, while putting his passion for nation-building on display.

He told The Gleaner, “It’s much more than being an artiste who records and performs, my goal has always been to maintain a steady relationship with those who know Jahdon and connect to ones who never heard the name before. I want the world and local audiences to perceive me in my truest light, as someone who is down-to-earth and passionate for change. To get to know me easiest is through my music. But though the strategies are on-point, I still haven’t gotten the proper platforms locally or internationally to reach my full potential or audience.”

Like many artistes, Jahdon has experienced delays. Though he received a sweeping start after registering his label and releasing the EP Congo Bongo, he still believes that not many know the man behind the message and the music. Jahdon also shared that while the EP, which was released in 2017, was his breakthrough production that provided overwhelming success, it also has not received the right exposure.

“It has connected with many; however, it has many more to reach. The album, and in particular the single, is one of those which took off organically, so I expected, naturally, that it would take time and some structure or strategy for an independent artiste like me, who literally started from the grass roots. With the amount of noise being made in the collective business, it can easily cause an independent artiste to not be heard,” he said.

“When I released my debut album, 369, in February 2020, I travelled to South Florida to promote it right after the eventful Reggae Month celebrations then, not knowing that there would be a global lockdown. The promotional means were limited to call-in interviews and virtual interactions, but I was busy creating content every day. I found the same thatch palm that I used in Jamaica to build brooms and leisurely built one, posted the videos and pictures of me making brooms and sooner than later, a wildfire of requests came in from people from all over the world requesting one.”

Jahdon also created content around ital cuisine preparation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He said he was empowered and encouraged by the responses during the isolating time. With the release of Jahdon’s sophomore album, titled I, produced by Look Ya Noww Entertainment, he is jumping on the trend of brand reintroduction.

In the lyrics of Jay-Z, the singer-songwriter said, “Allow me to reintroduce myself. I really don’t think I’ve been absent from the local scene ... however, specific songs off the album are getting airplay across different radio stations. What I’m giving is ital music, and I want to resonate with the people and places that want what I have. I have core audiences in different markets across the world who would have anticipated the new album, and it has expanded my reach into different markets, but now I want to connect and generate the energy necessary to become a known and established artiste.”

One of the most popular tracks off the album, Cooking, shows Jahdon in his element.

“Actually, cooking is my life and livelihood and it’s a joy to share that with the world. We are working out strategies to present the brand in the most down-to-earth and exciting way that we can. We want ones to care about what they eat and how they eat. We want it to be both engaging and empowering, because when people see the beauty and power in what we do, it re-energises the mind and spirit. Life has delivered both tremendous wins and losses along the mission, but I have to find ways to ‘give ankhs’, which is another song from the album,” Jahdon said.

“I’m always looking to upgrade on the quality of the sound, and this reflects in recent productions. Looking forward to a remix of Give Ankhs to be released soon. The mission for 2023 is to create that spark of light within the darkness. To be the change that I want to see. To continue developing a team that will expand the brand Jahdon,” he continued.