Thu | Sep 28, 2023

‘This cyaa fiction’

Quite Perry encourages upcoming content creators to be authentic, confident

Published:Saturday | May 20, 2023 | 12:31 AMAaliyah Cunningham/Gleaner Writer
 Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry poses with his third-place trophy, which he won in Season Two of ‘The Social House’.
Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry poses with his third-place trophy, which he won in Season Two of ‘The Social House’.

In the age of digital supremacy, people all across the globe have witnessed a rise in creativity and content creation. One person who has made a name for himself in this digital environment is Jamaican influencer Rohan ‘Quite’ Perry. With his contagious wit, real-life stories, and extremely relatable material, Quite Perry has built a devoted fan base and emerged as a standard for budding content producers.

It is almost impossible to have scrolled any social media timeline without seeing references to the charismatic creator, but his success did not take place overnight. From working as a social media manager to launching his own YouTube channels, creating content for Instagram, and more recent TikTok, he has successfully tapped into the most popular social media platforms. He is also an event host, Prime Minister Youth awardee and placed third in the recently concluded season of The Social House. With content that resonates with viewers, Quite Perry’s following has grown exponentially, establishing him as an OG Jamaican influencer. But now with easier access to the world of content creation and the countless career possibilities that exist within the space, he is encouraging upcoming creators to not be afraid to put themselves out there.

“There is no rule book. There is no manual or script. My best advice is just mindset and showing up as yourself. This cyaa fiction. It cannot [be] fake, and you can’t put it on. Show up as yourself. If a 10 people like you, work with the 10 people until it becomes 100,” he shared, while speaking to The Gleaner at the finale of The Social House on Wednesday night.

He reasoned that the rewards that creators get for their work are based on their desire to make things happen.


“The proof of your desire is in your pursuit of it, so get up and work for what you want. Nobody is going to give it to you, because nobody owes you anything. You have to believe in your own content and be very shameless about that. No matter if somebody is telling you no or whatever, be very shameless in what you produce and be confident in it. Somebody is not going to know what they want until you give it to them,” Quite Perry stated.

He concedes that inviting an audience into your home and showing them pieces of your life is not always easy. Quite Perry has often come under pressure from the public through comments, posts and tweets, but according to him, the focus should be on the positive impact that the content is making.

“Some of the comments I cannot see. I do not search my name on Twitter. If you tag me, then you are talking to me. Mi nah go search mi name, ‘cause God knows what I find on Twitter, ‘cause that is a very treacherous place, and you have to walk with your bulletproof vest and your army shoes and get ready to battle. I am very appreciative, and it is just so amazing how organic stuff just takes off; and all I am doing is being myself. I can only ever show up as myself, and I am very happy that they (audiences and fans) appreciate who I am and they just embrace me for all the things I am. Big up all the fans and the viewers. I truly appreciate the support,” he shared.

Quite Perry was voted Fan Favourite on The Social House Season Two and also walked away with a Heineken brand deal. He was the only returning cast member from Season One, and this time around he just came out to have fun and bring positive vibe and energy to the show.

“ I actually didn’t have a strategy going into it. I just wanted to go in and have fun. I am a competitive person, but I also did not want to make it so competitive where it sucks the fun out of it. So I was in the show, but I was also aware of every single moment that happened in the show. I just wanted to have fun and be organic, and, as you see, meme again,” Quite Perry shared.

According to him, the possibility of him returning for a third season as a contestant is low. Nevertheless, the countless TikToks and ‘memeable’ moments will live on.