Sat | Apr 1, 2023
Stranger Than Fiction

Woman's bust won't stop growing

Published:Thursday | January 26, 2023 | 8:48 AMBANG Bizarre

OnlyFans model Pamelia James claims that gigantomastia has caused her to go up four bra sizes in the space of a year.

James, from Melbourne in Australia, sought medical help for back, neck and shoulder pain as her breasts grew to an M-cup.

The mother-of-one was diagnosed with gigantomastia, a benign condition that causes crippling breast, back, neck and shoulder pain. As of 15 years ago, just 110 cases had ever been published in medical literature.

James explained how her mental health has suffered as a result of the condition as she gets "dirty looks" whenever she goes out in public.

She said: "It is very uncomfortable – they are so heavy and I can be in a lot of pain.

"At first it was fun and interesting to see how much they were growing, but recently I've grown to be uncomfortable and I find myself wishing I had normal-sized breasts."


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