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Kelly's World | No longer a man's world

Published:Friday | March 3, 2017 | 12:00 AMDaviot Kelly

We can argue that it never truly was, but I'm sure the historians and the sociologists would tell you differently. But I keep pointing to the fact that family feuds and even wars have been started because of women, or more particularly, the way men react to women in various contexts.

Mighty politicians and leaders have fallen from grace because they could not resist the women who were in their lives.

Women have always had the edge with certain things. If the seats in a bus are taken and a woman boards the vehicle, at least one of the men sitting down is expected to offer her a seat. And I agree that should happen. But my beef is that the reverse doesn't happen, though. That guy who comes into the packed bus is going to stand there until his legs bleed. Such is life. In emergencies, it's women and children first. Note, not children and then women, women and children first. That's how it is said. So it goes.




It gets even 'worse' when you think of the challenges that modern-day women pose for men. Let's face it, the things that women expect and demand from men have changed over the years. What your grandmothers and mothers looked for is certainly different from what the modern women want. And by modern, I mean those who are very much with 'the times' and who are not old-fashioned.

Let's be honest. Which modern woman in this time a tek up man who live wid dem parents? Ahm, none! As my good friend Krysta wrote in these very pages last week, one of the characteristics of the ready-made man is that he must be independent. And I agree. You can't plan a life with a woman if you can't even plan your own dinner. It's got to be more than "Mommy, wha inna pot deh?"

But even the old-fashioned women are demanding modern stuff. Even the nice goodly virgin Christian dem want man wid experience. If you're an old-fashioned guy in this day and age, prepare to marry some lonely old lady who wants a husband before she hits the cemetery plot. That's just the way it is, at least from my rapidly declining mental state.


'BUN' the new normal


Depending on the woman you're dealing with, some women almost consider it normal that they might get 'bun'. I hear women take up men who they know for sure nuh really want them for very long because they, the women, feel the same way about men. They just want some fun for a while and that's it. Your granny ever talk dem tings deh? Hell no! Women are just as ruthless as men these days when it comes to their outlooks on life.

And that's why the old-fashioned man like me in this world today is pretty much going to end up like the dinosaurs - extinct! Live with it. That's a wrap, credits come up on the screen, end of movie!

It was nice knowing you.

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