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Kelly's World | Cherish the little joys of life

Published:Sunday | February 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMDaviot Kelly

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." Oprah Winfrey

I've always tried to be like granite when it came to my emotions - tough, uncompromising and unfazed by anything.

But alas, I'm a softie. And a huge one at that. The latest example of this came a few weeks ago.

It was your typical Friday evening after work. I was standing in the parking lot, leaning against a wall trying to gather my thoughts.

A Golden Age Home bus was driven into the yard. But when it was leaving, I realised the driver wasn't alone. There was a man, who I assume to be a resident of the home, sitting in there.

As the bus rolled out of the lot, with a kind face and bright eyes, the man started waving goodbye. His face was one of pure innocence, almost childlike.

Based on the direction of his stare, I'm not sure if the person I saw standing over there saw him. So it's quite possible his warm wave went unheeded.

Mi nah lie, I felt like I wanted to cry. In fact, had I stayed out there long enough, I might actually have started to do so.

The type of innocence I saw in that man's face is an innocence my battered mind has long lost.

It seems like another lifetime when I was that happy about anything, as he was about getting to stop by The Gleaner.

It's amazing what puts a smile on a person's face. I remember another time I saw a little boy who looked 'intellectually challenged' watching as a security guard put some air in his bicycle tyre.

The lad looked like he had won the lottery. His toothy smile stretched from ear to ear in the unmistakable sign of pure, unbridled contentment.

I actually did cry that day after I had some time to myself.

Going back to the old man and the bus, I began to envision that I was going to end up in that home, or one like it, when I get older.

From what I can recall, it was a tough week, and that Friday I felt like a runner collapsing across the finish line. Maybe I was just tired.

My point in all this is that learning to appreciate the little joys in life, or what others might consider little joys, is paramount to taking care of yourself mentally.

If you never believe you're good enough, or that the world is against you, that's no way to live. Trust me, I know.

There are times I feel my world is imploding (or already has). It's not until I'm faced with instances like those that I remember I don't have it so bad. In fact, I'm pretty good.

So whether it's a sunset or the laughter of a child who has been ill for days and is now feeling better, enjoy it. That's what makes this (at times) cruel life bearable.

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