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Stadium poll not certified but safe to use – IPL

Published:Saturday | August 15, 2015 | 9:51 AM

Responding to a story in last Sunday's publication, Indepen-dence Park Ltd (IPL) has sought to downplay fears that the National Stadium pool is not safe, even as it confirms our reports that the facility is among those not certified by the Ministry of Health. Here is the full text of that response.

The Sunday Gleaner dated August 12, 2015 in an article captioned 'Dangerous dip', named the National Stadium pool as one of several public pools that have not been certified by the Ministry of Health.

We wish to assure the public that the use of the pools at the National Stadium is safe and the facts are as follows;

1. The water quality at the National Aquatic Centre is in keeping with all local & international standards and is monitored on a regular basis.

2. The Ministry of Health tests the water quality once a month and the results are always equal to or above the required standards.

3. The Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) tests the pools three times a day to ensure the quality of the water for all users. The test results are always equal to or above the required standards.

4. The Ministry of Health's representatives visit the pools on a regular basis, at least once or twice per week.

Independence Park Limited, as the facilities manager, and the ASAJ have worked assiduously to address some of the most challenging issues related to the pool. The 50-metre pool was closed for an extensive period for the resurfacing of the pool floor and walls at a cost of

$8 million (funded by the ASAJ and corporate Jamaica) and the replacement of the filtration system and plumbing at a cost of $21 million, funded by the Government, through the Sports Development Foundation.

Since then, the Ministry of Health has monitored the pool as a component of its regulatory responsibility.


In order to receive full certification, the following work is being undertaken:

1. The need for additional shower stalls. This is currently being addressed.

2. The need for a dedicated telephone line in the lobby area for emergencies. This is under consideration, and in the interim, the administrative office adjoining the lobby is accessible by all.

3. The pool deck at the diving pool requires additional infrastructure finishing work/makeover. A work plan is in place and funds are being sought to complete the work. The Ministry of Health has agreed to extend the time in which this can be done.

4. The need for additional signs to be posted in the vicinity of the pool. These are being made and will be delivered and mounted before the end of this month (August).

IPL wishes to reassure the Jamaican public and all our visitors and users of the pool that the National Stadium pool is safe for use. We continue to work with all stakeholders to improve our services and we welcome balanced and constructive input.

We are also aware that other pools that offer services to the public are working closely with the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Department to become certified.

Desmond A. Brown

General Manager

Independence Park Ltd