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Mark Anthony Unveils Rechargeable Gift Card

Published:Tuesday | September 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMLeighton Levy
Mark Anthony wearing one of his unique designs while showing off his latest innovation, the Mark Anthony Designs Gift Card.

For many years, Mark Anthony pushed the boundaries to ensure that his business became a trendsetter in men's fashion. The company produces unique lines of clothing - from shirts and suits to socks and ties - aimed at those who have no desire to look like everyone else, but to stand out in a crowd.

"Many of my customers, when they come, they're tired of the same old stuff. At parties, everybody is wearing the same thing. That is what gives me the drive to create a one of a kind," said Anthony at his boutique at 10 Argyle Road in Kingston. "If I make 10 shirts, all 10 are different styles."

And it's not just the styles that are many. The designer uses a wide range of colours and quality fabric to bring his creations to life and have rightfully earned himself the title, 'trendsetter'.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Anthony has introduced another trend that is sure to be a hit among not just his clients but for customers looking to add a little bit of class to their shopping experience. He has introduced the Mark Anthony Designs Gift Card, a rechargeable card that makes gift-giving so much easier.

"I did the gift card because I thought it would be the ideal gift for Father's Day, but it's a card that can work all year round - holidays, birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas," said the bald designer with the unique and distinct sideburns.

He explained that the time has come to do away with cheap-looking gift certificates. "I will give you something more classy, something that is rechargeable and also acts as a discount card," he said. "Once a person has redeemed their goods they then get a five-10 per cent discount on their purchase."

There are also other benefits to the gift card that can be purchased at the boutique or online at the establishment's website. "There is also an element of surprise that comes with the card, so when Mary gives John his gift card, John comes in and says, 'I got this gift card', we look at it and say, 'You have a value of $12,000, you can choose what you want'. Or maybe, Mary can say, 'John needs a nice grey suit', so when he comes in we can have it fitted and take it from there."

Mark Anthony revealed that several of his customers have already taken a liking to the gift card and he is anticipating that interest will continue to increase as the Christmas season approaches.