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True brotherhood -- young boys' friendship is example of true selflessness

Published:Wednesday | April 27, 2016 | 11:08 AMShanique Samuels
Omarion Scott Principal Adrian Sinclair stands between friends Omarion Scott (left) and Rohan Lynch.
Shanique Samuels photo Rohan (left) and Omarion switching shoes.
Shanique Samuels photo Rohan ties his friend Omarion's shoelace.

At a time when genuine acts of kindness seem all too rare and violence is often the order of the day, two young boys - Rohan Lynch and Omarion Scott - both 10 years old have demonstrated a level of love and care for each other that has been described as inspiring. Every day before school starts, Rohan switches his pair of shoes with Omarion and takes so that Omarion can have comfortable shoes to wear throughout the day. Having investigated the reason behind this act of kindness, principal of Effortville Primary School, Adrian Sinclair, found that Omarion has outgrown his shoes and often complains that they're too tight and have been causing him much discomfort.

"The amazing thing is that Rohan, seeing the discomfort of his friend, was able to take off his shoes and offer his friend because his feet are a little smaller. This is worthy of recognition. I guess they thought, since my shoes can fit you and yours fit me, then there should be no problem," said Sinclair.

"When they come to school in the mornings, both of them will exchange shoes and Omarion will have a comfortable pair to wear throughout the day, and in the afternoon, they exchange shoes again before heading home together."


Both boys are from the same community - Effortville - and live only a few chains from each other. However, Omarion is unable to get new shoes because of financial difficulties being faced by his family. His mother is ill and his father is said to be out of the picture. The boy lives with his grandfather, who supports him in whatever way he can. New shoes for Omarion are however not something his grandfather can afford right now.

Rohan is also from a single-parent family. His father takes very good care of him. The boys, now in grade five, have been friends since they were toddlers. They say switching shoes is not a big deal.

"Nobody told me to switch, I just do it" said Rohan.

Omarion said, "I feel good to know that my friend switch with me."

Principal Sinclair said he attempted to purchase a pair of shoes for Omarion, but Rohan decided to ask his father permission to give his friend a pair of his, and he agreed.

"They say nothing good can come out of this community, but this is a typical example that good can actually come out of Effortville. I have encouraged them to maintain their friendship as this is Christlike and selfless behaviour."

Not only do they share shoes, but they look out for each other in different ways as well. When it is lunchtime, they collect for each other they walk to school together; and they play football together.

"The violence in the community always paints the picture that persons are always fighting against each other and there is no love in the community, but these boys have risen above that constant negativity", said Principal Sinclair.