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Khulcha setting a trend with mommy-daughter dance classes

Published:Wednesday | June 1, 2016 | 12:00 AMGleaner Writer
Parents and children during a mommy-daughter dance class at the Khulcha Dance School.
Mrs Chang and her daughter, Alexia.
Shamarrah Richards and her daughter, Shayan.
Anne-Marie Davis and her daughter, Yelena.
Founder of the Khulcha Dance School Carolyn Russell-Smith (front) teaching a mommy daughter dance class.

Mandeville, Manchester:

A normal day would see a parent picking up his or her child at the end of school, dropping the child off for extra-curricular activities and heading back to work. But in a bid to develop stronger bonds and healthier mother-daughter relationships, the Khulcha Dance School is setting a trend with its mommy-daughter dance classes.

According to founder of the Khulcha Dance School Carolyn Russell-Smith, the initiative started about three years ago when she realised parents were not making the time to actually see what their children were doing during classes.

"When we look at society now we see that parents need to bond with their kids. They need to know the importance of doing something with their child. Mothers are too busy trying to make the money. They need to take a breather. It's more than just dropping them off and picking them up. They need to be engaged and see what their children are doing."

At a recently held mommy-daughter dance session, the faces of the children radiated joy as the mothers stood behind them - not as a spectator, but as a participant.

Ann-Marie Davis, whose daughter has been part of the dance company since July 2014, said that it has boosted her daughter's confidence, and special sessions have allowed them to connect on a deeper level.

"It is very important for parents to be in their children's lives as it helps with social and moral development. It also gives them a sense of security and belonging knowing that their parents are always there for them.

"The connection was awesome. It was the second year in a row that I was involved in the event, and it was great. My daughter was strict (LOL). She ensured that I got the pointed toes and the steps right. I was elated that I was able to share again in that moment. Once she is happy, I am happy," beamed Davis.


More than just about getting the moves right, the dance classes aim to improve the overall health and simulate of the mind.

"I have learnt a lot from this experience. It has helped my daughter to grow and it has solidified our relationship. It also helps with better parenting as if forces children to listen and take instructions," said mother, Peta-Gaye Simpson.

Echoing her sentiments is Shamarrah Richards, who acknowledged that there are several benefits to be derived from their participation in the dance classes.

"The art form teaches a number of inter-personal skills needed for positive influences on development. The sessions made me realise how much my daughter has improved. I realised how unfit I am (LOL), but the experience was a good one. It proved to me that my daughter can do anything if she has my support - even that which I cannot do by myself," said a proud Richards.

Russell-Smith is expecting that the support of the parents will continue and that the initiative will yield great success.