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Diary of a Ghetto Priest

I only wish we could do more

Published:Friday | June 14, 2019 | 12:19 AM
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer

Father Ho Lung
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Father Ho Lung

How very much I love Jamaica. I love the laughter, the simplicity, the directness, the lack of pretence, the love of neighbour and of God.

How very good people have been to me, the Missionaries of the Poor brothers, the poor, and the musical productions and concerts.

This title of my song is truly from my heart:

“I Love You with the Music of my God.” Also, I truly love the poor. What a gift! I only wish we could do more.

Still, I wish we will do more. God has been so generous to me. I feel sad and disappointed; I should have done more for Him and the poor. I have not got to the soul of Jamaica. Jamaica is a God-fearing country and a generous people, but I feel we are losing those truths.

I have my weaknesses and sins. The mistakes I have made. I feel sad – sorry, Lord! Now I am 80 years old; I really have not been Christ-like enough.

In former days, nobody missed church! Is it that we no longer love the Lord? Why do we now have casino gambling? Why flexi-Sunday? Why so little love for our Jamaica? Why so much ganja and drugs? Why so much vulgarity and licentiousness? Why does every Jamaican want to leave Jamaica? Why do we sit side by side as strangers and text to each other? Why no family life? Why no friendship? Why are our men so lacking in their sense of responsibility? Why are women aborting their babies? Why is there so much violence, brother against brother? Is this Jamaica?

We need to overcome our sins. All of us are sinners. We need to beg God and each other for forgiveness. We need to say right is right and wrong is wrong, and not condemn one another but correct one another.

As I am in my latter years, I look at my sins and failures and ask God for forgiveness. I tell modern Jamaica, let us all place our sins before Him and beg forgiveness.

Let us start all over again and recover the beautiful traits of Jamaica with Christ as the centre.

Greed, sensuality, and disobedience to God are sins common to us all. My people, let us pray. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy!