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Woman Stay Loose Network goes online

Published:Sunday | October 6, 2019 | 12:21 AMShanna Monteith - Gleaner Writer
Prophetess Sarah Smith from this year’s staging of the Woman Stay Loose Conference in June.
Prophetess Sarah Smith from this year’s staging of the Woman Stay Loose Conference in June.

What started as an annual conference has since developed into an idea for an online series aimed at the total transformation of individuals into free and empowered beings.

The Woman Stay Loose Network, according to its conceptualiser, Prophetess Sarah Smith, is a platform created for believers who desire to grow deeper in God.

“Each episode will cover various topics on freedom and the importance of maintaining this freedom from and after a life of trauma.

“Each episode aims to transform and help individuals to develop a holistic view of being free.”

The powerhouse of a woman told Family & Religion about what initially stimulated the up-move from conference to online broadcast.

“I was in a review meeting with my team and, the Lord said to me, ‘Woman Stay Loose Network’, and I repeated it to my manager, who then said, ‘Let’s do it’.

“The conference has seen lives transformed and people walking out with their freedom after overcoming different life obstacles. This year’s conference that was held in June 5, persons decided to commit their lives to the Lord, and that told me that a yearly conference was not enough and that I needed to allow people all over the world to experience ‘Freedom in Every Episode’,” she said, revealing the slogan for her new network.

The Woman Stay Loose Network, according to Smith, is for everyone who wants to experience true freedom and to understand how to ‘stay loose’ by maintaining the liberty they are expected to receive through watching and engaging her upcoming network.

According to the co-pastor of the Life of the Gentiles International, located on Maxfield Avenue in Kingston, “We believe in community and strengthening one another to continue pursuing a wholesome life, being free from their mistakes, hurt, pains, and sorrow that life’s journey comes with.

“Our aim is to ensure that each episode is laced with transformational power.”

The launch and the recording of the first three episodes of the Woman Stay Loose Network happened before a live audience on Friday, September 27.

Among those recorded were The Redeemed Woman, The Purpose Woman, and The Empowered Woman.

According to the organisers, each show features real testimonies from overcomers.

The first episode is expected to be available for viewing on the Woman Stay Loose Network YouTube page on October 11.