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Stronger together: Capturing the Jamaican dream

Published:Friday | August 6, 2021 | 12:08 AMKeisha Hill/Senior Gleaner Writer
‘After Blooming’, an image captured by photographer Gerald A. Gordon.
‘After Blooming’, an image captured by photographer Gerald A. Gordon.
‘In a Pandemic’, photographer Gerald A. Gordon’s creation.
‘In a Pandemic’, photographer Gerald A. Gordon’s creation.
Family time: Owners of the phone, another piece of Gerald A. Gordon’s handiwork.
Family time: Owners of the phone, another piece of Gerald A. Gordon’s handiwork.

A picture speaks a thousand words and on a day when Jamaica breaks out in multiple radiant colours, the pictures are exceptional. This is Jamaica’s 59th year of Independence. A country that has fought against all odds for its freedom, where all have come together to build one nation - Jamaica!

Today, when we walk, breathe and live freely in this country, we must not forget the struggle those brave men and women went through. The times were tough, but the determination failed to fade; and the path was difficult, but the ambition was firm.

Fine art photographer Gerald A. Gordon has used his photographic skills to capture the essence of the Jamaican dream, uniting the broken parts of the country, the family, that helps to form one powerful nation.

According to Gordon, he conceptualised the project to compare the physical and social connection between the family, in the true spirit of the Jamaican vibe, encapsulating the country’s rich culture and scenic beauty.

“As we are celebrating Jamaica 59 with the theme ‘Come mek we celebrate online’, the photos represent the true spirit of Jamaica, capturing the social and physical connection of the family that has become typical with the pandemic,” Gordon said.

“COVID-19 has forced many celebrations online within the last two years, which we have begun to appreciate. But I believe that it is important to capture some moments to show the authentic spirit of Jamaica. When it is written in history, these photos can be used to support the written words,” he added.

The style and colours, he said, represent the Afrocentric beauty of the island, showing snippets of its beautiful people, the land, wood and water.

“Emancipation and Independence mean a lot to me, because it is a time that I use to appreciate the sacrifice our ancestors made to bring freedom to our blessed nation. Many times, I reflect on what they would have suffered so that our freedom became a reality, and one that we should not take for granted,” Gordon said.

Every year on August 6, we celebrate the removal of our dependence on Britain, to control specific functions of the country. At this time, we also honour all those persons who were responsible for the transfer of power.

This Independence Day, Gordon helps us to revisit the iconic moments that capture Jamaica’s struggle for freedom and the country’s rich history.

“As a photographer, I foresee even greater photos capturing different perspectives and context of Emancipation and Independence. We have departed from the true concept of our foreparents, and, as such, the family remains that crux between progress and development of this beautiful land we love,” he said.

“Let us celebrate our country and continue to build on the legacy of our foreparents. We are a rich and diverse nation, and only the best will come from us in the future,” Gordon added.