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Youth leader seeks sponsorship to attend UN simulation in Egypt

Published:Wednesday | November 23, 2022 | 12:12 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston/Gleaner Writer
Nowell Lewin
Nowell Lewin

Former Central High School student Nowell Lewin is seeking assistance to attend the Best Diplomats United Nations (UN) Simulation, slated to be held December 16-19 at the Park Regency Resort in Egypt.

Last year, while in sixth form, Lewin launched a mental health initiative called Global Integration Society, which looked at finding solutions for persons who are experiencing difficulties.


Best Diplomats is a New York-based organisation which facilitates training and diplomatic simulations of the United Nations, which serve as a platform for young leaders and changemakers to exchange ideas and resolve challenging global issues. The simulations expose youth leaders to diplomatic work, international relations, and the works of the UN so as to strengthen their public speaking, negotiating, and research skills, while giving them the opportunity to travel around the world to broaden their perspectives.

Lewin, who attended his first international conference in 2020 in New York, said his intention then was just to gain the experience of travelling, which he had never done, but when he took part in the simulation, which at the time was the Security Council of the UN, he was shocked at the professionalism, authority and confidence that could be actualised at the conferences.

“I have been participating in model UN conferences since I was in high school, which was in 2019. Since then, I have been participating in model United Nations, both locally and internationally, and now representing my country in United Nations simulations around the world,” he shared, adding that his heart’s desire is to make it to the Egypt staging.

Lewin said he was alerted to the event when one of the organisers saw the investment he was making in community development and past participation in simulations and suggested that he should apply.

“I did, and I got accepted. I then applied for an ambassador position and also got accepted as the ambassador for Jamaica. In addition, I was also interviewed for the head delegate position for my country and I am eager to hear the results soon,” he told The Gleaner.

Making a case for his sponsorship, Lewin said he has always admired the UN for its role in the fight to make the world a better place.

“I love the fact that an organisation is dedicated to helping our world become healthier, safer, more inclusive, and more suitable, among other things, through the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I hope to help promulgate the importance of achieving these goals to the citizens of Jamaica, because I am sure that half the population is ignorant of what SDGs are and how important they are to achieving Vision 2030,” said Lewin.

The youth parliamentarian for central Clarendon is hoping that a government agency or private-sector company will help to give successful local applicants the opportunity to participate in the conference.

“With a total of 13 Jamaicans being selected, it is estimated that each delegate needs US$3,308, which includes the conference fee, airfare, visas, and miscellaneous fees,” he disclosed.


How you can help

Nowell Lewin can be contacted

at 876-512-4440.