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Miller focusing on sports as youth development tool

Published:Tuesday | February 18, 2020 | 12:08 AMDaniel Wheeler/Gleaner Writer

South East St Catherine political candidate Robert Miller intends to use sport as part of his agenda for the constituency if elected.

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) hopeful, along with JLP Bridgeport coordinator Duane Ebanks, recently presented members of the Garveymeade St Catherine Division Two football team with jerseys that were needed for their upcoming season.

Miller strongly believes in sport as a way to bring communities together and to positively engage young people, ensuring that they do not fall prey to bad habits or influences.

“I believe sports unite the community. I believe sports is a vehicle that can be used to occupy the time of individuals, and once you are occupied, then you will be distracted from behaviours that are not conducive to the society,” Miller told The Gleaner. “I also believe that the talents of the Garveymeade team, that if they are properly resourced and the resources that are needed is adequately given, then I believe that they can improve their talents and sports can bring them a far way.”

Miller says that he will be using sport to address the needs of the members of his constituency, including developing young talent in various disciplines.

“Sports will play a critical role when I become member of parliament. There are many citizens in the constituency that need somewhere to go, even in the evenings and on weekends. And if we have certain properly run competitions in the constituency, where talents can be harnessed, where we can have a friendly competitive spirit, we can unify the constituency, not just Garverymeade but other areas in the constituency.”

He singled out the Garveymeade community as one of the top neighbourhoods in the area and is optimistic of the future of its young people when their talents and gifts are being invested in.

“I believe the Garveymeade community is one of the best communities in Portmore and if we could energise every avenue, sports, education, culture, arts etc, then it’s a good vehicle to be used to assist the talents pregnant with opportunities to represent their communities and, at large, their country,” he added.


Citing athletes such as Jamaican international footballer Darren Mattocks and former Reggae Girl Tashana Vincent, who both hail from South East St Catherine, Miller says that they are proof of the potential that the area has to produce well-rounded individuals.

“South East St Catherine is blessed with many talents. It’s just for us to use sports to honour those talents and to get them to the next level and, of course, to unify the constituency, unify the community and give somebody an opportunity to enjoy themselves,” he said.

The member of parliament for the constituency is the People’s National Party’s Colin Fagan.